Another trade with the King of Bloggers

12 12 2015

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 Ripken Ruth

I started blogging about 5-½ years ago.  March 2010, though for my first 2 or 3 months I only posted a few times a month (with one month missed entirely).  I started blogging for a combination of reasons:

First, I had decided to do this Topps project.  I had started collecting again, but Upper Deck had lost their MLB license.  Upper Deck had been my favorite collecting option.  But I’d always wanted to collect Topps cards.  So this project was born.

Second, I had started reading baseball card blogs.  So it made sense to blog about the project I’d just started.  The 2 things go hand in hand.  If I wasn’t blogging about it – I don’t know if I’d be doing the project.  If I wasn’t doing the project, I wouldn’t be blogging.

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 1st home run

There were about 7 or 8 blogs that I was reading at that point.  Most of those blogs are no longer active, exist in a completely different form, or post far less than they used to.  That’s understandable.  If I started reading back in early 2010, that meant the blog had probably been around for a few years.  So to be blogging continuously for 7 or so years?  That’s saying something.  This trade post made me go back and check a few of those old blogs, and most of them still lay dormant.

Trade Night Owl Dec 2014 inserts

One blog, however, from then is still going in the same basic premise as it was in 2010.  That would be Night Owl Cards.  I’ve made a number of trades with Greg over the past 5 years.  Since I’m doing this project, I open about 15 boxes a year, and that means I usually can find some cards of some Dodgers.  When I think about it, I pull those cards and send a package off to Greg.  For this particular swap of cards, I also went back and found some old cards that I’ve had since I was a kid.

It’s kind of funny, though.  When I got this trade package, this note was included:

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 note

This made me chuckle.  On one hand, I was thinking “no shit”.  We’ve certainly moved a lot; but that’s something I should be keenly aware of.  On the other hand, it kind of makes me think “wait a minute, we have moved a lot”.

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 inserts

I don’t think Greg knows the half of it, though.  Well he knows a good portion of it, I guess.  When I started this blog, I lived in a condo in Columbus.  I was getting ready to move, and by June 2010 – 3 months after the start of this blog – my wife, dog and I had moved.  I don’t think I’d finished any trades at that point, so Greg doesn’t know about my Ohio address.  So he thinks I’ve moved a lot – without factoring that in!

Griffey Dog

We were in NJ for 2-¼ years.  That’s an eternity in this family.  We rented a house there, which was partially paid for by work since the whole point of moving to New Jersey was a rotation for work.  That rotation ended in September, 2012, about 6 weeks after my son was born.  New Jersey was undoubtedly the first address where Greg sent me cards.

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 Topps Reds parallels

After the rotation ended, we moved to Chicago.  About 2 blocks from Wrigley Field.  With a newborn, I was only “permitted” to live there for 1 year.  It’s apparently “not OK” if the red line goes through your back yard and you can hear drunken fans noisily stumbling home on a Tuesday night.  Greg and I definitely traded while I was living in this evil place (which I now refer to as heaven).

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 inserts_0001

After that, we moved to Roscoe Village, where we lived for just under 2 years.  Greg and I traded cards a few times while I lived there.

Trade Night Owl Dec 2015 2003 Topps 51s Sweeney

I’ve since moved to a suburb of Chicago.  Every place except the Columbus condo was a rental.  This is not.  So I’ll probably be here for a while.  And the next time I swap cards with Night Owl, he may comment on how I seem to have established roots at this address.

Side note: the above moves are just since 2010.  I went back and looked at everything.  I started college and stopped living with my parents 17 years ago, I’ve had 13 different addresses.




2 responses

12 12 2015

I’m exhausted just reading this.

13 12 2015
The Prowling Cat

Been there, done that, and feel your pain. Once moved four times in one year, but I’ll guarantee you that I didn’t have near the stuff to move you did. Luckily three of the moves were in the same town, and not the distance you’ve had to move. Hopefully buying will work out for you, and allow you to get rooted in.

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