2004 Topps Traded Autographs & Memorabilia

10 12 2015

I only have 1 of my own scans to show in this post, since I got 1 relic in the 2004 Topps Traded box.  The rest of these photos are from the internet (in most cases eBay).

Signature Moves – (9 cards, 1:169-675)

2004 Topps Traded Signature Moves Wainwright

Signature Moves was back for the 3rd year, showcasing autographs of guys who had switched teams.  Alex and Pudge Rodriguez are the biggest names in this insert set.  There were two tiers in this autograph set, A and B.  There were only 9 cards in this set, less than half of the 20 from 2003.

Signature Cuts – (5 cards, 1:91,472)

Topps included cut signatures in 2004 Traded, which seems a bit odd, but it did follow up from the cut signatures they had in series 1 and 2.  These were all baseball, however, with Babe Ruth, Catfish Hunter, Johnny Mize, Roger Maris and Warren Spahn all having cards.  I haven’t been able to find any pictures of these cards.

Finally on the autograph chase, Team Topps Blue Chips were also inserted in Topps Traded as a cross-product promotion.

There were a few different memorabilia sets you could get in Topps Traded.

Transactions Relics – 20 cards (1:106)

Transactions Dual Relics – 3 cards (1:562)

2004 Topps Traded Transaction Relics A Rod

The main memorabilia set was called Transactions Relics.  This was back for its 2nd year, featuring a bat or jersey piece of a player who switched teams in 2004.

2004 Topps Traded Transaction Relics Dual A Rod

There was again a dual version for 3 players, which contained a relic pieces from the player’s previous and current team.  Curt Schilling is only in the dual set, while A Rod and Rafael Palmeiro are in both.

Future Phenoms Relics – 17 cards (1:65-184)

2004 Topps Update Future Phenoms Hardy

Future Phenoms was back for the 2nd year.  Not my favorite design.

Hall of Fame Relic – 2 cards (1:1,011-3,338)

Hall of Fame Dual Relic – 1 card (1:3,338)

2004 Topps Traded HOF Relic Eck

There was a relic honoring each of the 2 Hall of Fame inductees in 2003.  Dennis Eckersley’s card had a jersey inset, while Paul Molitor had a bat.  The Molitor is the more difficult pull.

2004 Topps Traded HOF Relics Dual Molitor Eck

They also had a dual card, which is always pretty cool.  The dual card actually had the same odds as the Molitor individual relic.




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