2004 Topps Traded & Rookies scans

7 12 2015

Topps Traded has changed it a bit since 2004, but it’s probably best known for the rookies, and Felix Hernandez (2010 Cy Young) was easily the biggest rookie that year.

2004 Topps Update Felix Hernandez

And while it’s probably better known for the prospects or rookies, in 2004 I was most impressed with the “traded” players.  I didn’t even pull the first solo Topps card A-Rod with the Yankees, but there were a lot of notable names switching places.  First and foremost was the only Hall of Famer in this set, Greg Maddux.

2004 Topps Update Greg Maddux

Maddux actually still had quite a few years yet, but like these guys, his very best years were in the rearview mirror.

2004 Topps Update Nomar best behind them

On the other side, these guys were 1 year removed from playing in the World Series.  Pretty cool to see how many guys came to the White Sox or Astros, and then had a big impact on their postseason run in 2005.  Uribe is one of the few players from this portion of the set still playing.

2004 Topps Update White Sox Astros

The Red Sox reversed the curse in 2004, but there weren’t a ton of guys who were in the 2004 Traded set.  The biggest change from 2003 was the manager.  This set did capture the mid-season acquisition of Orlando Cabrera as well.

2004 Topps Update Francona Cabrera

From there, here’s just a few more “traded” players that were in this set.

2004 Topps Update big trades

OK, so rookies and prospects were still the big thing for Topps Traded, and here’s 9 of the biggest rookies behind King Felix.  I don’t know who is the 2nd biggest RC in this set.  Is it Homer Bailey?  As a Reds fan, I love that he has 2 no-hitters, but he’s also got to be the only pitcher with 50 wins ever signed to a $100 million contract who then had to have Tommy John surgery.  It could be Howie Kendrick, but while he’s been solid, he’s only made one All-Star game.

2004 Topps Update rookies




2 responses

7 12 2015

Just curious why you write, “since about 2001 Topps Traded (aka Topps Update) is basically a third series of Topps Flagship”. I assume it’s not because they are sold in pack form rather than completed set form, since there were a fey years where that wasn’t the case. I have never considered it that way; I’ve always thought of them as sort of a continuation. But feel free to convince me otherwise! Thanks.

7 12 2015

Ever since 2001 traded/update has been sold in pack form. In 2000 and before – that wasn’t the case (1995 being the sole exception).

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