2004 Topps Traded & Rookies HTA box break

5 12 2015

2004 Topps Update box

I bought my 2004 Topps Traded box from Atlanta Sports cards last March and finally got to opening it over a year and a half later. It cost me $55 bucks, which doesn’t seem that bad when I look at prices today.  The hobby box comes with 24 packs, 10 cards per pack.

In 2003 I bought a HTA jumbo box, which I was very happy with.  I think I just got the regular hobby box here because it was cheaper and you still got one relic/auto either way.  The one thing better about the HTA box is that it’s still 2 Chrome cards per pack.  So you only get 20 Chrome cards in a HTA, and a lot more base.  Since I’m not collecting Chrome, that was actually better.  But the cost didn’t justify it.  At least that’s what I believe my thinking was – it’s been a while since I bought it.

There is one big rookie in 2004 Topps Traded – Felix Hernandez.  And this was something of a Felix Hernandez hot box.

Hot box

Here’s a little better of the 3 cards I got.  That’s a base card, a gold card, and a chrome refractor.  The only reasonable card I didn’t get was the chrome card.

2004 Topps Update Felix Hernandez base gold & chrome

Keeping with the parallels – I got 12 gold cards in the box.  That’s one in every other pack.

2004 Topps Update box Gold

Here’s the other, non Felix Hernandez, refractor.

2004 Topps Update Chrome Brooks Conrad

I got 46 regular Chrome cards, which is the 2 per pack you’re supposed to get, less the 2 refractors I got.  Here are 6 of those.

2004 Topps Update Chrome

You are supposed to get 1 relic or autograph per box – I got a Future Phenoms relic in this case.  This one was of JJ Hardy, who had some good years in Milwaukee and continued that with Baltimore – though it seems like he’s on a downturn after his 2015 season.

2004 Topps Update Future Phenoms Hardy

The one other thing that’s interesting for this product – they inserted puzzle cards.  Every pack had a puzzle card (or a relic/auto) with a checklist of the 2004 Traded set on the back.  On the front – the puzzle part – are cards from the regular Topps set.  So if you put together all 110 puzzle cards, you’d have a picture of the 2004 Topps set.  Here’s an example of those.  I’m not collecting these – except that I’m keeping enough to have a full checklist.

2004 Topps Update Puzzles

I had no damaged cards in this box.  That’s something to shout about!

Stats for the box:

  • 24 packs per box * 10 cards per pack +1 relic = 241 cards

180 of the 220 card set. (100% set completion – though 5 singles were damaged)

  • 12 Topps Gold
  • 46 Chrome
  • 2 Chrome Refractors
  • 1 Future Phenoms Relic

Of course, I didn’t get the Barry Bonds card, #221, which you could only get from hobby dealers.  I’ll have to buy that online at some point.




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