2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Overview

3 12 2015

The 2004 Topps Traded packs again included Topps Traded Chrome.  I’m begging for the day when this will end!  I guess I could look it up, but it’s more interesting to just go to each new Topps year with my fingers crossed 🙂

2004 Topps Update pack Bailey

221 cards in the set – 54 less than the previous 2 years.

  • Subsets:  Managers (#66-70), Draft Picks (#71-90), Prospects (#91-110).  The first 70 cards are “traded” players and managers.  Cards numbered 111 through 220 are first year players, while Barry Bonds got added as card #221 when he signed an exclusive deal with Topps late in the 2004 baseball card season.  The Bonds card was not inserted into packs.  It was sent to hobby dealers in January 2005, and was supposed to be given out to customers who bought Topps Traded packs.
  • Set Design:  The set design is the same as the base 2004 set.  The back of the cards have a “T” suffix.
  • Packs:  Hobby and retail packs have 10 cards, the same as series 1 and series 2.  There are 24 packs per box (12 less than s1/s2).  I think the MSRP was $1.99.  There were also HTA Jumbo packs with 35 cards per pack (10 packs per box).  The packs are white with a blue stripe down the left side, a gold stripe on the bottom and a baseball where those meet.  The Topps logo is large and red at the top, followed below by wording for “Traded and Rookies 2004 Major League Baseball Cards”.  Of course they remind you that, yes, Topps Chrome is included.
  • Rookies:  Felix Hernandez is a very big rookie card.  Aside from him, there really isn’t much – Homer Bailey, Kurt Suzuki, Phil Hughes and Howie Kendrick are the only notable rookie cards.
  • Hall of Fame:  1.  Greg Maddux, who went back to the Cubs for the 2004 season.
  • Variations:  No variations.

2004 Topps Update box

The box has a white background with a blue vertical stripe and a white horizontal stripe.  Alex Rodriguez, Nomar Garciaparra and Roger Clemens are featured in their new uniforms.  Clemens is a bit unusual, because Clemens isn’t in the base set as he had an Astros card in series 2 (he does have a transaction relic).  The 2004 Topps logo is prominently displayed at, with the wording “Traded and Rookies 2004 Major League Baseball Cards” on the red stripe.  There is advertising for the 2 Topps Chrome cards where the stripes intersect and more ads for the autographs & relics – which come 1 per box.

Parallel sets

There was 1 normal parallel set – Topps Gold, which were numbered out of 2004, coming 1:2 packs.  There were also blue 1/1 parallels and printing plates, with 4 unique versions.  And I’ve also seen unnumbered blue parallels; I don’t know the origin of these.

Once again, this product came packaged along with Topps Chrome Traded.  Every pack had 2 Topps Chrome cards.  I don’t really think of these as parallel cards – they are really a separate product.  The Topps Chrome cards had refractor, X-fractors (#/20), blue refractors (#/1) and Chrome printing plates (4 unique) as well.

Insert sets

There are no insert sets aside from the parallels – consistent with what Topps had done for its Update product.

Autographs & Memorabilia

As the box tells you – there is one relic or autograph in each box.  Signature Cuts was a new autograph that included a cut signature of Babe Ruth.  For more realistic inserts, the Hall of Fame relics are again very nice cards.  These feature Paul Molitor (bat) and Dennis Eckersley (jersey).

  • Signature Moves Autographs – 9 cards (1:169-1:675)
  • Signature Cuts – 9 cards (1:91,472)
  • Transactions Relics – 20 cards (1:106)
  • Transactions Dual Relic – 3 cards (1:562)
  • Future Phenoms Relics – 17 cards (1:65-1:184)
  • Hall of Fame Relic – 2 cards (1:1,011-3,338)
  • Hall of Fame Dual Relic – 1 cards (1:3,338)

And there was one cross-product autograph inserted:

  • Topps Blue Chips Autographs – various cards {out of a number of cards across Topps products} (1:1,011)



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