2 Trades – Golden Rainbow & Addiction as Therapy

1 12 2015

I recently completed a trade with Bryan from Golden Rainbow Baseball Cards.  Bryan is a Braves fan, and I sent a bunch of Braves base cards his way.  He sent over items in 2 packages.  The first came in early November, and included a few inserts I needed.

Trade - Golden Rainbow

That bottom card is from 1994 Score – it and one other Score card he sent feature beer ads for my little known “beer on baseball cards collection”.

The second package came in later November, including some 2015 Topps Update inserts.

Trade - Golden Rainbow 2

I also finished up another trade with Adam from Addiction as Therapy in November.  I believe that’s our fourth trade this year, with the two most recent only being about a month apart.  Adam sent over a few inserts from 2015 Topps Update.  I didn’t buy any retail from 2015 Topps Update, so these First Home Run cards are helpful.

Trade - Addiction as Therapy Nov 2015

He also sent two cards from the baseball Royalty inset set, which was in series 2.  Those are also very helpful!

Trade - Addiction as Therapy Nov 2015_0001

Thanks to both Bryan and Adam for the trades!




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