2004 Topps Relics

25 11 2015

Unfortunately for me – for the 3rd straight year of this project – I didn’t pull any autographs or relics in my 2004 Topps boxes.  This means these scans are borrowed from the interwebs.  As always, odds below are for hobby packs unless otherwise noted.


All-Star Stitches Jersey Relics (36 cards, 1:136 s1)

2004 Topps All-Star Stitches Hasegawa

Derby Digs Jersey Relics (7 cards, 1:585 – s1)

2004 Topps Derby Digs Pujols

All-Star Patch Relics (43 cards, 1:7,698 – s2)

2004 Topps All-Star Patch Shigetoshio Hasegawa

These are all event-worn jerseys from the 2003 All-Star Festivities.  There are 43 cards in the first series – 7 of them are from Home Run Derby participants (Gary Sheffield is the lone Derby participant who didn’t have a card), 36 from other All-Stars.   Each of those 43 players has a rarer patch card in series 2 (only 15 were produced).

Series Seat Relics (15 cards, 1:316  s2)

2004 Topps Series Seat Lou Piniella

Series Stitch Relics (24 cards, tiered odds  s2 HTA/hobby)

2004 Topps Series Stitch Paul O'Neill

The next theme was for the World Series, both inserted into series 2.  The Series Seat Relics have a piece of a seat from the home park where the player featured made a past World Series appearance.  The Series Stitches have jersey or bat pieces used by a player who appeared in the Fall Classic.

Presidential First Pitch Seat Relics (16 cards, 1:592 – s2 HTA/hobby)

2004 Topps Presidential First Pitch Taft

The final relic was a relic parallel to the Presidential Pastime insert set.  It also has a piece of a seat – in this case from a park where the president threw out a first pitch.  In most cases, this is listed as Griffith Stadium, however Topps had some blatant errors here.  The checklist is below:

  • Griffith Stadium, Washington D.C. – Taft (1910*), Wilson (1913), Harding (1921), Coolidge (1924), Hoover (1929), Roosevelt (1933), Truman (1945), Eisenhower (1953), JFK (1961), LBJ (1966**), Nixon (1969**)
  • Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia – Ford (1976)
  • Wrigley Field, Chicago – Reagan (1988)
  • Memorial Stadium, Baltimore – Bush Sr. (1989)
  • Jacobs Field, Cleveland – Clinton (1994)
  • Yankee Stadium, NY – Bush Jr. (2001)

2004 Topps Presidential 1st Pitch Reagan

* There’s an error here.  The back of the card references the first pitch Taft threw in 1910, which began the tradition of Presidential First Pitches.  However, Taft threw that pitch at National Park, not Griffith Stadium, which didn’t open until 1911.  This could be argued as just being a typo, however.  Taft did throw out the first pitch when Griffith Stadium (which was at the time called National Park II) the next year in 1911.

** There’s an even more blatant error here. the Senators stopped playing in Griffith Stadium in 1962, and it was demolished in 1965.  Johnson and Nixon never threw a first pitch in Griffith – they did so in RFK Stadium.




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