2004 Topps Factory Set inserts

24 11 2015

Topps was decreasing the number of insert sets in 2002, 2003 and 2004, but they were creating quite a bit more factory base sets with bonus insert sets.  These all had the same basic design as the Topps set.

  • Topps Team Prospect Bonus – 20 cards (5 per team factory sets)

Topps Draft Picks (15 cards, 5 per Retail factory set, 10 per HTA factory set)

2004 Topps Draft Pick Bonus

The retail factory sets (blue background) have cards #1-5 of the Draft Pick Bonus set.  The Home Team Advantage factory (green background) had cards #6-15.  They came in 5-card clear packages.  Gio Gonzalez and Phil Hughes are the biggest names in this bonus set.

Topps First Year Player Bonus (10 cards, 5 per Hobby factory sets)

2004 Topps First Year Bonus

I’m not 100% sure on which sets they came in, but I believe there were two different types of hobby factory sets (red background), with 1 package each containing either cards #1-5 or #6-10 of the first year bonus set.  It also possible that there is just one, and you have 1 of 2 when you buy a hobby set.  Ervin Santana is the only name worth noting from this set.

Topps Team Prospect Bonus (20 cards, 5 per team factory sets)

There were 4 different team-specific factory sets – the Yankees, Astros, Cubs and Red Sox.  These have 5 cards of team-specific prospects as the bonus set.  They look the same as the First Year Prospect bonus above, with the first year designation at the bottom.




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