2004 Topps inserts

22 11 2015

Standard inserts are next in my 2004 Topps round of posts.  The last post covered the Fall Classic Covers insert set; today’s post covers all the rest.  As always, the insert odds reflect hobby packs unless otherwise noted.  It seems like Topps had been decreasing the total number of insert sets in 2002, 2003 and 2004.  Unfortunately that trend goes back the other way in the late 2000’s.

Again, there were a lot of familiar insert sets.

World Series Highlights (30 cards, 1:18)

2004 Topps World Series Highlights s2 box

Along with the Fall Classic Covers, this was the other insert set with a World Series theme.  These were available in both series, covering some of the best performances in the history of the series.  These cards are lettered instead of numbered – the worst way to do it.  The cards have a foil background and the back has either the box score from the game highlighted or a write-up about the accomplishment.

Own the Game (30 cards, 1:18 – series 1)

Own the Game was back for the 4th time.  It is always a league leader set, with holofoil of some sort, though this year I really like the black borders.

2004 Topps Own the Game s1 box

Hobby Masters (20 cards, 1:12 – series 1 hobby/HTA)

Hobby Masters was back, also for a 4th time (1997, 2002 and 2003 being the other years).  These are made to have some sort of … elegance, I think?

2004 Topps Hobby Masters s1 box

Hit Parade (30 cards, 1:7 – series 2)

Hit Parade was back for the 2nd year (3rd if you count the 2001 relic set by the same name).  I don’t like this design quite as much as the year before, but it’s still not a bad set.  This set lists active career leaders in Hits, HR and RBI).

2004 Topps Hit Parade s2 box

All-Stars (20 cards, 1:16 – series 2)

All-Stars was also back in 2004, with select players who made the 2003 All-Star game.

2004 Topps All-Stars s2 box

Presidential Pastime (42 cards, 1:6 – series)

Since it was an election year, Topps got Presidential in this set.  All 42 presidents are inserted, with a description of how they are tied to baseball in some fashion.  A lot of the time, this covers the first pitch.  A very cool set.

2004 Topps Presidential Pastime s2 box




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