2004 Topps Retro inserts (Fall Classic Covers)

21 11 2015

Topps didn’t reprint old cards in the flagship set for 2003, though they did have an insert set based on the 1951 Blue and Red Back sets.

In 2004, Topps had nothing based on an old Topps design (or an old card design).  Very different from today’s card world when there are reprints every day.  However, there is one insert set that loosely meets the idea of “retro”, even if it’s different from what we’re used to.  This is one of my favorite insert sets Topps has ever created – so I figured it was worth its own post.

As always – odds below are for hobby packs.

Fall Classic Cards (99 cards, 1:12)

This insert set had every single World Series program to date.  Even numbered years (48 of them, since the World Series wasn’t played in 1904 and 1994) were found in series 1.  Odd numbered years were found in series 2.

2004 Topps Fall Classic Covers s1 box

The card backs have the results of the series and a brief write-up.




2 responses

22 11 2015

It is my mission to complete this set.

22 11 2015

Yeh I wish they would update it now that it’s been 10 years or so.

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