2004 Topps parallel sets

20 11 2015

Topps again had 3 parallel sets in 2004, with Topps Gold back as always and Topps Black returning for its 2nd year.  The Home Team Advantage cards from factory sets were gone, but First Edition cards were shipped to hobby dealers for the first time.

As always, odds below are for hobby packs.

Topps Gold – 658 cards (1:11 s1, 1:8 s2 – #/2004)

2004 Topps Gold Rolen

Topps Gold was back for the 4th straight year (5th time overall).  It had a gold border, but in 2004 Topps seemed to be going a little cheaper on this insert.  Instead of the foil gold border, it was really just a different color border than the regular set.  Numbering Topps Gold to the current year is a trend Topps has kept to this day.  There were 74 cards that didn’t have gold (or black) parallels – basically the season/postseason highlights, the Sporting News All-Stars and the Award Winners.

Topps Black – 684 cards (HTA Jumbo only – 1:16 s1, 1:10 s2 – #/53)

Topps Black was back in 2004, numbered to 53, to honor 53 years of collecting since the 1952 set.

2004 Topps Black Rolen

Topps First Edition – 732 cards (1 box per HTA Jumbo case)

There was a new parallel set in 2004 – dealers who bought a Home Team Advantage case got 1 bonus box of Topps First Edition.  These cards had a “1st Edition” stamp on the card.  There were 10 cards per pack, 20 packs per box.

2004 Topps 1st edition Rolen




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