Redemption – The Gettysburg Address on cardboard and in audio

19 11 2015

152 years ago on this date, President Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.  He gave it at a dedication at the Soldiers’ National Cemetery, 4 months after the Battle of Gettysburg.  In his 2-minute statement, he declared the Civil War as more than just a fight for the Union of America – he declared it a battle for the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

I bought 3 boxes of 2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions, and in the 2nd box, I got a redemption for the Historical Rhetoric insert.  3 weeks ago, I got that card redeemed.  It’ an audio recording of the Gettysburg Address, so I figured it would be fun to post about it on the anniversary of the speech.  Here’s the front of the card:

2015 Goodwin Historical Rhetoric Gettysburg

It’s as big as a standard size card, but it’s a booklet.  On the side of the card is a plug, which I assume recharges the battery.  It needs a battery because there is an audio recording of Lincoln’s 2 minute speech.  Here’s the card opened up – which means it’s playing the recording of someone reading Lincoln’s speech.  I don’t have the video upgrade on WordPress – so this is the best I’ll do 🙂

Lincoln goodwin rhetoric.jpg

This is a cool idea.  And it’s one Topps could piggyback.  Inserting sound bites of great announcer calls (think “Touch ’em all Joe”) would do great in a baseball product!




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