2004 Topps series 2 HTA Jumbo box break

13 11 2015

2004 Topps s2 box

Moving on to my next box – for series 2 I also got a HTA Jumbo box for 2004 Topps series 2.  I didn’t get a hit, again, but this was a really fun box to open.  I like the 2004 Topps design much better than any of the previous designs, though to me they were trending up after 2003.

Going forward, I’m going to be purchasing the HTA boxes as much as possible for this quest.  I bought this box in August this year from Baseball Card Exchange for 45 bucks.

This box only had 2 damaged cards, both with dinged corners.  If it wasn’t for those 2 dinged corners, and they were both in the same pack, I would have completed the whole series.  Being 2 cards short isn’t too bad, however.

Here’s a look at what I got in the box.  I got 6 Topps Gold parallels, numbered to 2,004.

2004 Topps Gold s2 box

I also got 1 Topps Black card.  2004 was the second year Topps inserted these Topps Black cards.  This is numbered out of 53 – for 53 years of collecting.

2004 Topps Black s2 box

There were no retro-themed inserts from 2003.  Kind of shocking from Topps!  At least, there weren’t any cards based on old Topps card designs.  The closest thing was based on old World Series programs.  A very cool insert set, and these are the cards I got in series 2.

2004 Topps Fall Classic Covers s2 box

With no retro sets, that’s one less post for me to do for 2004!  Another one that does kind of fall into that category, however, is a series 2 exclusive insert.  It’s called Presidential Pastime.  It covers U.S. Presidents and their connection to baseball, or similar games in the case of George Washington and his fellow Founding Fathers.

2004 Topps Presidential Pastime s2 box

There’s a few other insert sets – one more having to do with the Fall Classic.  I got 2 more of these cards, which is a set that runs in series 1 and 2.

2004 Topps World Series Highlights s2 box

All-Stars is back as an insert set for the second straight year.  This time it has the black border with the holofoil background.  I like this design.

2004 Topps All-Stars s2 box

The last insert set is Hit Parade.  It’s very different from previous years’ inserts by the same name, but I’ve got to say, I really like the design here.  Probably my favorite insert set of 2003.  Except for the fact I got 2 Sammy Sosa cards…

2004 Topps Hit Parade s2 box

I thought this box was a ton of fun.  I didn’t get any hits in the box.  But it seems like the right number of inserts to me.  It wasn’t too many, like Topps has in the typical pack today.  And it wasn’t too few, like the early 1990’s, or even 2004 series 1.  Also – gotta love the cards on the box back!

2004 Topps s2 box back

Stats for the box:

12 packs per box * 35 cards per pack = 420 cards

27 doubles

366 of the 366 card set. (100% set completion)

2 of my singles were “damaged” – so I really only got 364 towards the set

  • 6 Topps Gold
  • 1 Topps Black
  • 2 World Series Highlights
  • 3 Fall Classic Covers
  • 6 Hit Parade
  • 3 All-Stars
  • 6 Presidential Pastime

Including the series 1 box:

730 / 732 of the base cards (99%)




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