2004 Topps series 1 HTA Jumbo box break

11 11 2015

2004 Topps s1 HTA jumbo box

I went with a HTA jumbo box for 2004 and am going to do that as much as possible going forward.  This box cost me 45 bucks; I actually bought it in November 2012.  So 3 years ago, and I’m now getting to it.  I buy these in advance when I can – at the time I was buying a 2000 box so I think I figured I’d get a few more to save on shipping.

After having a number of boxes with issues, I was ecstatic that none of these cards were stuck together.  I only had 2 damaged cards, and those had to do with dinged corners.

Not counting the damaged cards, I was 2 cards short of the set.  Counting them, I’m 4 short.  I got 43 doubles; so it would be nice if I had gotten the full set.  But that’s not bad collation; I don’t have much left to finish off this series.

One thing Topps had inserted into boxes starting in 2003 was the sticker below.  Pretty nice – you could take this off and stick it on a box to designate your set.  Honestly, I’m surprised Topps hasn’t kept with this.  Or, even better, I would think they could create these for each of their 64 sets.  I’d buy a pack of 10 each.  They do all this wall art stuff and it obviously sells enough to justify.

2004 Topps stickers

As always, I’ll start with the parallel set.  There’s 2 parallel sets that you can pull from packs in 2004, which is the same as last year.  Topps Gold, numbered out of 2004, is back for the 4th straight year.  I got 4 of these.

2004 Topps Gold s1 box

I also got one of the Topps Black cards, which were numbered to 53 for that many years of collecting.  Both are sets that Topps still creates today, along with a slew of even more parallels.

2004 Topps Black s1 box

I didn’t get any hits or anything, so that’s not so good.  Oh well.  Here are the inserts.  The biggest theme I could detect in 2004 was a focus on the World Series.  This insert set is called World Series Highlights and have a shiny, metallic-like front.

2004 Topps WS Highlights s1 box


I like that insert set, but I love the insert set below.  This is called Fall Classic covers.  The only thing about this set is I hope Topps updates it some day.

2004 Topps Fall Classic Covers s1 box

The next two inserts are the more “normal” inserts.  These are called Hobby Masters, which is an insert set returning from previous years.  These aren’t thicker than normal cards, which had been the modus operandi in the past for these.  But they are pretty nice cards nonetheless.

2004 Topps Hobby Masters s1 box

The last insert set to show off is another insert set returning from a previous year.  “Own the Game” inserts have various statistical leaders on a black border with a shiny foil background.

2004 Topps Own the Game s1 box

The HTA boxes again come with “cards” on the bottom, just like back in the 1980’s.

2004 Topps s1 HTA box back

Here are stats for the box.  As always, this pretends as if the damaged cards count toward my set.


Stats for the box:

12 packs per box * 35 cards per pack + 2 extra cards = 422 cards

43 doubles

364 of the 366 card series. (99% set completion)

  • 4 Topps Gold
  • 1 Topps Black
  • 3 Fall Classic Covers
  • 3 Hobby Masters
  • 2 Own the Game
  • 2 World Series Highlights



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