75 percent!!!! And moving on to 2004…

7 11 2015

2004 Topps stickers

September for this blog was spent on 2003 Topps, while October was spent wrapping that up and doing some completed set posts.  November means it’s time to move forward to 2004 Topps.  Tomorrow I’ll kick off the 2004 Topps set.  That’s the 25th year of my Lifetime Topps project.  I’m really shooting to get to 2009 Topps by end of 2016, so I’ll need to do one every other month next year to get there.

Since I started in 2010, 2009 is something of a “finish line” for this project.  Or at least it’s a very significant goal in this blog.

Of course, after I’m done posting about a set, I haven’t completed it, so I’d still have a lot left as far as finishing off all the sets!  That will be much longer 🙂

As of today, I’ve got 19,677 cards out of the 26,106 base cards from 1980 to 2009.  That’s 75.4%.  I passed the three-fourths mark with the 2003 when I opened the 2003 Topps Traded box.  That’s a pretty significant milestone in and of itself for this blog.  So here we go as I march toward 80%!




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