2015 Topps Update HTA Jumbo box – the hits

4 11 2015

You get 3 “hits” per box when you get a HTA jumbo box.  One if them is always a manufactured relic.  This year, for Update, those are called “Etched in History”.  This is kind of interesting – it’s super thick, like most of these manufactured cards are.  It’s a giant coin of Francisco Rodriguez, honoring his record season in 2008 when he saved 62 games.  He is still the only hurler with 60+ saves.  And to honor that, his coin looks kind of skeletal.  I think that’s the nature of anything etched.

2015 Topps Update Etched in History K-Rod

You also get one real relic.  It tends to be affiliated with the All-Star game, which is great by me.  I attended the game, and all the festivities leading up to it.  The card I got was Clayton Kershaw.  I’m giving some thought to collecting this particular set.  The background is based on the Palace of the Fans in Cincinnati, where the Reds played in the early 1900’s.

2015 Topps Update All-Star Stitch Kershaw

Finally, we’ve got the autograph.  I got career high autograph of some youngster I’ve never heard of.  Hopefully he becomes the next Albert Pujols, but I’m not holding my breath.

2015 Topps Update Career High auto Zach Walters




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