2015 Topps update HTA Jumbo box – inserts

3 11 2015

I’m moving on to inserts for my next post on the HTA jumbo box I bought.

Topps has one insert set in hobby/HTA packs that was continued from series 1 and 2.  That’s the Highlight of the year insert set, which has 30 cards in each series.  You get one of these per pack.  I like this set, but I wish it was numbered chronologically across each series.  It is chronological within each series, but it would only take a little bit of planning to make cards #1-90 go in order by year.

2015 Topps Update box Highlight of the Year

2015 Topps Update box Highlight of the Year_0001

The other insert set that came 1 per pack was called Rookie Sensations.  This is a type of set Topps has done before, with historically great rookie seasons highlighted.

2015 Topps Update box Rookie Sensations

2015 Topps Update box Rookie Sensations_0001

The rest of the inserts came one every other pack.  The first one uses the same design as the base set.  It’s a pretty cool set called Pride and Perseverance which covers players who have overcome obstacles to make the majors.  Pete Gray, Dummy Hoy and Jim Abbott are all in the set, which are the 3 guys who jump out at me.  Rizzo and Lester definitely make sense as well – I know both have overcome cancer early in their professional careers.  This is a 12-card set, and it basically replaces the first pitch set from series 1 and 2.

2015 Topps Update box Pride Perseverance

After that is tape measure blasts, which highlights long home runs.  The theme is a lot like Moonshots from 2012 Gypsy Queen, though it has more of a current player flavor, and the design is centered around the length of the blast.

2015 Topps Update box Tape Measure Blasts

Whatever Works is the next insert set.  Now this is something that hasn’t been done, or at least hasn’t been enough times that I can remember.  It covers ballplayer superstitions, like Wade Boggs or Justin Verlander, who had really unhealthy pre-game meals.  For Boggs, it was Fried Chicken, for Verlander it’s Taco Bell.

2015 Topps Update box Whatever Works

Last up is a set called Rarities, which covers rare feats and accomplishments.

2015 Topps Update box Rarities

Most of these insert sets are pretty good to me.  However, it really seems like there are too many – I’d cut one or two of them.




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