2015 Topps Update HTA Jumbo – parallels

1 11 2015

A quick post today – here’s the parallels from my Update Jumbo box.

I got two variations.  I don’t know what the odds are on these, but I got one statistical back variation and one photo variation.  I actually realized the Trout was some type of variation right away.  It didn’t have the All-Star game logo and I knew he wouldn’t have had a base card in Update.  It has sabermetrics on the back, while the regular card has a write-up on the back.

2015 Topps Update box Stat variation Trout

The Gregorius card is a photo variation.  I’ve never the biggest fan of these variations in general.  I’m not sure what’s special about this photo in a way that makes it a variation.  I think, if Topps is going to do variations, they should all carry the same theme.

2015 Topps Update box photo variation Gregorius

I also pulled a whopping 7 buyback cards.  The 5 cards below…

2015 Topps Update box buybacks

And then these 2 cards, which are both the oldest and newest foil-stamped buyback card I’ve ever pulled.  The 1957 Zimmer is as good as pulling an autograph to me.

2015 Topps Update box 1957 Zimmer buyback

The 1980 severely miscut John Curtis?  Not so much.

2015 Topps Update box 1980 John Curtis buybackRainbow Foil

I got 5 of these, 1 every other pack.

2015 Topps Update box Rainbow Foil

Topps Gold (#/2015)

Topps Gold – came a little less than 1 per pack.  Basically, when I got a rarer number parallel, I didn’t get a Topps Gold.  So that meant I pulled 8.  Interesting that all 8 of these cards are horizontal.

2015 Topps Update box Gold

Snow Camo (#/99)

I pulled one of the Snow Camo parallels.  I don’t remember ever hearing about this guy, but he’s apparently a pretty good rookie setup reliever.

2015 Topps Update box Snow Camo Kela

Black (#/64)

The other rarer parallel I got was a black parallel of Jason Garcia and Scott Copeland.  I wish I’d have pulled the All-Star game parallels as opposed to these.

2015 Topps Update box Black Garcia Copeland




8 responses

1 11 2015

That Zimmer buyback is fantastic!

1 11 2015

Yeah, the best of these I’ve ever gotten. It’s got a little crease that you almost can’t see, so it’s surprisingly nice for a card that old.

2 11 2015

I pulled an obscene amount of Buybacks as well! One of them was also a more recent horribly cut card. Did you complete the base set? I think I will have some inserts to send your way.

2 11 2015

I did finish the base set, was glad it worked out that way with the jumbo box. Wasn’t sure if it would or not, since the set is now 400 cards large!

2 11 2015

Love the Zimmer! I also completed a set from my Jumbo box, which I really didn’t expect given I wasn’t able to do it for Series 2 this year, and the Update set was larger. I was surprised at the number of buybacks in my box too (seven, all between 1973-1978). The stated odds were 1:5 packs, so two per box, just like Series 1 and 2. Photo variations are 1:10 (one per box; I got Colby Lewis) and stat variations are 1:14 (just under one per box; I got Manny Machado). I was really pleased with 2015 Topps. All three series were a lot of fun.

2 11 2015

Totally agree. Thought they did a really good job in 2015. 2014 wasn’t bad either.

5 11 2015

Looks like the photo variations are starting to go the way of the crappy pointless football ones, but I still like the better looking ones, and at least the *concept* of the advanced stat ones is kinda cool and interesting. Just not enough unquestionable superstar names like Trout or guys that have been around long enough to give you better idea of what the advanced metrics actually mean for my liking.

5 11 2015

I think they’ve just gone too far overboard with the variations. My main thing is, I’d like the photo variations to all follow the same theme.

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