2015 Topps Update HTA Jumbo box – base cards

31 10 2015

Happy Halloween!  I have a bit more time for a full-blown base card post about my 2015 Topps Update box, after just showing cards of World Series participants on Thursday.

There are 3 notable cards when I think about this set.  Two are rookies, which is what you would expect in this set.  But the other is of Ichiro, who hasn’t been in a Topps set since 2012.  He signed back with the Company, and this is his first Topps flagship card since then.  It kind of goes with Update, since he did sign with a new team this year.  But I’m pretty sure Topps would have captured that in series 2 had it not been for contractual issues.

2015 Topps Update Ichiro

The other 2 are rookies.  Carlos Correa has a true rookie card in Update.

2015 Topps Update Correa RC

Kris Bryant is the third guy – he had his rookie card in series 2, but he is in the Rookie Debut subset in Update, which is just an excuse to get more cards of guys who are early in their career.  This was the first card shown in a lot of the previews for Update.  It’s one of my favorite cards, as it showcases the new jumbo scoreboard behind Wrigley Field’s left field bleachers.

2015 Topps Update Kris Bryant RC

Bryant is the Topps golden boy this year, so of course they have 3 additional cards of him.

2015 Topps Update Kris Bryant cards

Of course, this is possibly the greatest class of rookies in baseball history, so there are a few more rookie cards in this set.  Below are the most notable “true” rookie cards.

2015 Topps Update rookies

Most of those guys, along with a number of other players who had earlier cards, were in the Rookie Debut subset.  Rookie Debut is a strange term.  Including the work “rookie” feels a bit unnecessary.

2015 Topps Update rookie debut

Then there are the “traded” players.  Some of them are guys who were traded in the previous offseason.  I’m not sure what causes Topps to put them in series 2 or in Update, but these guys didn’t make the series 2 cut.  The guy who is going to win the AL MVP is in this boat.

2015 Topps Update offseason traded players

As are these 4 players, who unfortunately did not work out too well for the Padres.

2015 Topps Update Padres

More than ever, Topps is getting mid-season trades in the Update set as well.  Remarkably, every one of the guys below, except Hamilton, is in their new team after a late July trade deadline move.

2015 Topps Update midseason traded players

2015 Topps Update midseason traded players_0001

As always, there are a bunch of subsets.  A subset that wasn’t in any recent Topps sets is combo cards.  This is a bit of a throwback to old combo cards, which I think started as far back as the mid 1950’s.

2015 Topps Update Combo cards

A subset that has been around for a number of years is Highlights rolled up into the Checklist cards.  There’s 5 of these cards, and they showcase events from the 2015 season.  These are all pretty good events.

  • Alex Rodriguez:  3,000th hit.  I wonder if Topps was barred from using his 661st home run so the Yankees wouldn’t have to pay his bonus.
  • Miguel Cabrera:  500th Home Run.  He was in the 2014 checklists for his 2,000th hit.
  • Chris Heston / Max Scherzer:  No-hitters.  Obviously Scherzer’s 2nd no-no came too late to make the printing deadline.
  • Mike Trout: First back-to-back All-Star MVP winner.  The weakest one, but one I do think is pretty cool.  In other words, this year was a decent subset.

2015 Topps Update Highlights

Topps thankfully removed the Home Run Derby subset in 2014 – but then brought it back in 2015.  Though this was one year I am glad they did.  For selfish reasons.  I attended the All-Star game and the Home Run Derby.  The Derby was probably the coolest sporting event I’ve ever seen live.  Well, maybe 2nd to game 2 of the 1990 World Series, which the Reds won in extra innings.  But I was 10 and I only remember bits and pieces of that.  I’ll never forget Todd Frazier taking the crown in front of his home fans, under a much more exciting format.

2015 Topps Update All-Star game

This subset captures a lot of things I remember about the game.  DeGrom and Chapman both struck out the side – when Chapman did that, it was electric in the ballpark.  Keuchel was the AL starter, and I was in the majority when I was thinking “who is that guy”.  And the Vogt card is cool; the Stand Up 2 Cancer moment was very powerful when you were there.

Two more pictures.  First, as Night Owl posted a few days ago, this is the set of cameos.  Most of those are in the All-Star subset, where a guy you wouldn’t recognize like Brad Boxberger is shown next to a guy you probably would like Chris Archer.

2015 Topps Update Cameos

Anyways, finishing it up, here are some of my favorite photos from the set.

2015 Topps Update great photos




2 responses

31 10 2015
Zippy Zappy

The photography department at Topps really brought it’s a-game with Update this year (by flagship/update standards) IMHO.

It’s littered with cameos, but these feel like legitimate snapshots of a moment in time preserved for all eternity on cardboard. They have more words to offer than the normal pics used prior. Even the way some generic action shots are filtered to look exotic/unique is quite nice (it doesn’t always work but it’s still nice :)).

1 11 2015

Yeah, I think they did a good job in general with 2015 Topps.

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