2015 Topps Update HTA Jumbo box – Royals and Mets

29 10 2015

Every year I buy a jumbo box of Update, and every year I seem to be opening it up while watching the World Series.  It’s a good set to do that for – most of the teams that make it deep into the playoffs have some sort of contribution from a few key rookies or free agents.  This year is no different.  In fact, to me it seems like there are even more new guys helping out the 2 pennant winners than normal.

The Mets made a huge trade – a trade that their fans probably had no faith they’d make – right at the trade deadline.  They got Yoenis Cespedes, and he’s helped change around their offense from the worst in baseball before August 1st to the best in the National League since then.  It’s pretty impressive that Topps caught that trade into Update.  I was wondering if the picture below was photo shopped.  I can’t always tell those things, and this one looked pretty real to me.  Well, it is a legit picture of him with the Mets – here’s the original.

2015 Topps Update Mets

But it’s not just Cespedes.  The Mets also traded for Tyler Clippard to improve their bullpen.  And while he hasn’t been great, he’s been so much better than their alternatives that he has had a huge impact by getting the ball to Jeurys Familia.  Finally, the Mets have a group of 4 young starters, but two of them are rookies; Noah Syndergaard has his true RC in this set, while Steven Matz has a Rookie Debut subset card.

Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson are also in the set – but they haven’t had quite the impact the 4 guys above had.

The Royals are no different.  They have 6 guys whom I deemed, in my infinite wisdom, worthy of making the scan in this post.  Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto and Chris Young have pitched 18 of the team’s 23 World Series innings so far, and gotten credit for both wins.

2015 Topps Update Royals

At the same time, Kendrys Morales has been a noticeable upgrade over Billy Butler this year, and Ben Zobrist was just the player they needed to augment their team at the trade deadline.  Paulo Orlando is an enticing rookie with some serious speed – he’s come in as a defensive replacement in both games so far.

That’s all I have time for today, but I’ll do a longer post about the base cards in this set tomorrow or Saturday.




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29 10 2015

Very nice blog. Just discovered it. I am working on a new site that is all about Cleveland Indians Topps cards from 1952-present…so your site was a nice way to to take a break and get a little inspiration. Keep up the great work.

29 10 2015

Thanks! Good luck with your site! Lmk the Web address

31 10 2015
2015 Topps Update HTA Jumbo box – base cards | Lifetime Topps project

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