My third round of Therapy

13 10 2015

I recently had a third trade with Adam from Addiction as Therapy.  Adam is doing something similar to me – opening up old Topps boxes to complete sets from earlier this century.  So we have some common trading ground!

Adam reached out to me and sent me cards that arrived last week.  I just sent my end of the bargain today.  Here are the highlights from what he sent!

I’m now one card short of my 2015 Topps set, after Adam sent me 14 cards toward series 2.

Trade Addiction Therapy 2015 Topps s2

Adam also sent a bunch of 2002 Topps cards and 1 card from 2001 Topps.  Those were the years where I had a decent amount of damaged cards from the boxes, so I’m glad to get a little closer on those sets.

Trade Addiction Therapy 02 01 Topps

He also sent me 10 inserts from 2001 Topps – which is awesome because the mid-90s and early aught’s are some of the harder cards to pick up from my wantlists.

Trade Addiction Therapy 01 Topps inserts

Thanks again for the trade, Adam!




One response

17 10 2015

You’re welcome! Always a pleasure!

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