2003 Topps Traded Autographs & Memorabilia

30 09 2015

I only have 1 legitimate scan to show off in this post, since I got 1 relic in the 2003 Topps Traded box.  The rest of these photos are swiped from the internet (in most cases eBay).

Signature Moves – (20 cards, 1:114-280)

2003 Topps Traded Signature Moves Victor Martinez

Signature Moves was back for the 2nd year, showcasing autographs of guys who had switched teams and a few rookies, like Victor Martinez above.  There were two tiers in this autograph set, A and B.  It’s actually a fairly obtainable set.  I was looking on eBay and the prices aren’t too bad for guys like V-Mart and Teixeira.

Team Topps Legends and Blue Chips were also inserted in Topps Traded as cross-product autographs you could find.  I covered those back in the Autograph overview for the regular Topps set.

There were a few different memorabilia sets you could get in Topps Traded.

Transactions Relics – 25 cards (1:78-168)

Transactions Dual Relics – 3 cards (1:421)

2003 Topps Traded Chrome Refractors_0001

The main memorabilia set was called Transactions Relics.  This basically replaces Tools of the Trade from the year before.  The single-player cards all contain bat pieces, and like the Signature Moves cards they are inserted in 2 different tiers.

2003 Topps Traded Transaction Relic Dual Pudge

There was again a dual version for 3 players which contained jersey pieces from the player’s previous and current team.

Future Phenoms Relics – 15 cards (1:101-2,330)

2003 Topps Traded Future Phenoms Relic Hafner

There were separate rookie/prospect relic cards called Future Phenoms as well – this was the first year for these.

Hall of Fame Relic – 2 cards (1:1,009)

Hall of Fame Dual Relic – 1 card (1:2,015)

2003 Topps Traded HOF Relic Murray

There was a relic honoring each of the 2 Hall of Fame inductees in 2003.  Gary Carter’s card had a jersey inset, Eddie Murray had a bat.

2003 Topps Traded HOF Dual Murray Carter

They also had a dual card.  I really like the design for these – it seems a lot more Hall of Fame appropriate than the Ozzie Smith the year before.

After Jose Canseco in 2002 and Tony Gwynn/ Cal Ripken in 2001, the Farewell Relic didn’t make a return showing in 2003.  This may have been due to lack of a clear person to honor.  Rickey Henderson played his last game in 2003, but he didn’t officially retire for quite a few years.  Matt Williams also retired in 2003, but Topps may have not known he was definitely retiring at the end of the season.  Tim Raines may have been the best bet.  He didn’t play after the 2002 season, and it was probably official at that point.  But Raines had retired once before and so it’s possible nobody was sure at that point.



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