2003 Topps Autographs

18 09 2015

Moving on to autographs, Topps was well into years of having autographs all throughout the flagship product.


Autographs (38 cards, tiered odds – series 1  /  series 2)

2003 Topps Autograph Tejada

A set developed just for autographs was back for the 5th straight year.  And again, I think these were very well done!  I don’t know when Topps stopped having a set just called “autographs” – but I’ll find out.  I wish they had continued it.  Albert Pujols is easily the biggest name in this set.

Record Breakers Autographs (19 cards, 1:6,941 – s1  /  1:2,218 – s2)

2003 Topps RB auto George Foster

Nolan Ryan Record Breakers Autographs (3 cards, 1:6,941 – s1  /  1:2,218 – s2)

2003 Topps Record Breaker Auto Nolan Ryan

Like the relic cards, Topps also took the Record Breaker set and made an autographed version.  Willie Mays is the biggest name in the autographed set.  Chipper Jones, Luis Gonzalez, Richie Sexson, Robin Yount, Shawn Green, Mike Sweeney, Don Mattingly and Lance Berkman have both relic and autograph cards.

Nolan Ryan has the special no-hitter cards as well – he signed 3 of the 7 versions of those cards.

Turn Back the Clock Autographs (4 cards, 1:134 – s1 HTA Jumbo)

2003 Topps Turn Back the Clock Auto Madlock

Last up out of the autographs are the pretty rare Turn Back the Clock Autographs.  These are essentially autographed versions of the Flashback set.  I’m not sure why they didn’t call it the same, but the 4 players who signed autographs all have the same photos and same basic design as the Flashback insert.

I almost forgot – there are two other autographs were obtainable in Topps flagship, but these went across multiple products and even multiple years.  Team Topps Legends and Blue Chips were autographs you could find.

2003 Team Topps Legends Boog Powell 2003 Topps Blue Chips Auto Brandon Phillips




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