2003 Topps Relics

17 09 2015

Starting with 2003, I’m going to one post for relics and one post for autographs.  By this point, Topps was starting to make enough of each type of “hit” that the post would be getting pretty long if I do them together.  The question I’ll have to think through is what to do for cards that a relic/autograph combinations.  I’ll probably just keep them with the same “theme”.  So, for example, Heritage has a set called Clubhouse Collection.  That’s a relic set.  But there are super-rare Clubhouse Collection cards that also have autographs, and so I’d put those in a relic post since the base version was a relic.

But this isn’t Topps Heritage.  This is Topps.  And unfortunately for me – I didn’t pull any autographs or relics in my 2003 Topps boxes.  Or 2002, for that matter, so I’m not doing so great lately!  This means these scans are borrowed from the interwebs.  As always, odds below are for hobby packs unless otherwise noted.


Prime Cuts Pine Tar Relics (42 cards, 1:9,266 – s1  /  1:4,288 – s2, #/200)

Prime Cuts Trademark Relics (42 cards, 1:18,533 – s1  /  1:12,912 – s2, #/100)

Prime Cuts Barrel Relics (31 cards, 1:37,066 – s1  /  1:116,208, #/50)

2003 Topps Prime Cuts Barrel Berkman

“Prime Cut” relics were back for the second year.  There were again 3 different levels – all with different sizes of the bat piece inset into the card (and, naturally, different levels of rarity).  Each of these cards was numbered.  The one above is the rarest “Barrel” version.  It’s worth noting – the odds got much more difficult for these cards in 2003 as compared to 2002.

Record Breaker Relics (40 cards, tiered odds in s1 / s2)

2003 Topps Record Breaker Relic Mattingly

Topps took the Record Breaker set and made a relic version.  The full set was 100 cards, but the number of relics were 20 for each series.

Farewell to Riverfront Stadium Relics (10 cards, 1:37 – s2 HTA Jumbo)

2003 Topps BRM Farewell to Riverfront O'Neill

One year after having Ebbets Field and Yankee Stadium relic cards, Topps put in relics for another baseball park – Riverfront Stadium!  It’s not nearly on the level of the two New York City legends, but it was a cool idea since Riverfront was going away.

Autographed Relics

Prime Cuts Autographed Relics (10 cards, 1:27,661 – s1  /  1:232,416 – s2, #/50)

2003 Topps Prime Cuts Auto Chavez

There’s an autographed version of the Prime Cut barrel relics – with the autograph right on the piece of the bat barrel.  These are really cool – and really hard to find any more!



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