2003 Topps Retro Inserts (1951 Topps)

14 09 2015

Topps didn’t reprint old cards in the flagship set for 2003.  Instead, they piggy-backed off of the idea behind the Heritage product, only with the 1951 Red Back / Blue Back sets.  Those sets hadn’t gotten that kind of treatment yet.  Series 1 had 40 cards of current players in the 1951 Blue Back design, while series 2 had the same with Red Backs.  The cards are standard size, so they don’t perfectly match up with the design old 1951 cards.

As always – odds below are for hobby packs.

1951 Blue Backs (40 cards, 1:12 series 1)

2003 Topps s1 box 51 Blue backs

2003 Topps Blue back - back of card

1951 Red Backs (40 cards, 1:12 series 2)

2003 Topps s2 HTA box 51 Red backs

2003 Topps Red back - back of card

Unfortunately, these cards aren’t numbered, which makes it difficult to collect!

There weren’t any relics or autographs related to this set in the Topps flagship brand.  Topps Chrome did have Blue Back relics inserted.




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