2003 Topps scans

11 09 2015

There wasn’t really a big, super-notable card in 2003.  It’s a nice set, and I like the design much better than any of the sets since 1997.  In a way, I’m kind of glad the set is able to stand on its own.

A-Rod got the #1 card in the set.  He replaced Pedro Martinez from the year before.  Miguel Tejada was the MVP in the American League, but Rodriguez was coming off a 57-homer season.  I usually show the big 3 shortstops from that era, so here’s A-Rod with Jeter and Nomar.  All some pretty good photos here.

2003 Topps Jeter Nomar A-Rod

Two more cards I show every time are Griffey…

2003 Topps Ken Griffey Jr

and Rickey.  Two of my favorite players.  And two of the best photos from this set.

2003 Topps Rickey Henderson

Here’s a few more that I show each year.  Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.  Smoltz has the retro uniform going on here.

2003 Topps Ken Maddux Glavine Smoltz

Smoltz had the retro uniform going on, and I found 3 other photos.  The Braves and Phillies clearly played a 70’s retro game in 2002!  But the Chan Ho Park card is the best to me, with the Senators retro uniform.

2003 Topps Retro uniforms

Another interesting trio are the killer B’s.  By now, Berkman had become the Astros best player.

2003 Topps Killer B's Bagwell Biggio Berkman

I always like the Season Highlights subset, and there were 5 such cards in 2003.  Two guys hit 4 homers in 2002, and Shawn Green had the best week in baseball history.  The A’s won 20 straight games during their Moneyball season, Derek Lowe threw a no-no and Jason Giambi hit a walk-off, extra-inning grand slam when the Yankees were down 3.

2003 Topps Season Highlights

Keeping on the subset theme, here’s the Sporting News All-Stars subset.  Topps brought these back from the 60’s.  Here’s my 3 favorites.

2003 Topps Sporting News All-Stars

Another subset was Award Winners.  This was back for its second year, and it contains some of the best photos in the entire set.

2003 Topps Award Winners

Here are some of the best pictures from the regular cards in the set.  Here are my thoughts:

  • This is the second Topps card I’ve seen with a golf cart included.  Joe Torre joins Tommy LaSorda from 1988.
  • Mark Ellis, USA.  Enough said!
  • Chris Carpenter before I started to loathe him.  Making a nice play on a comebacker.
  • Nomo in his classic windup.  Always a great photo.  Oh, and he’s back with the Dodgers.
  • I love cards like Magruder where they show all dirt and just the batter.  Ryan Klesko (2000) and Adrian Brown (2001) have similar cards.
  • That’s a funky dance Da Meat Hook is doing.  He danced his way to an All-Star berth in 2003.
  • Dave Roberts showing off those base running skills that would become very meaningful to Red Sox fans.
  • It looks like Michael Young got the force out.
  • Christian Guzman in a cloud of dust.

2003 Topps Best photos

The horizontal cards aren’t very common in the 2003 set, but they have some of the best photography.  Including Mountain Dew advertisements.

2003 Topps Best photos horizontal

Quite a few cards show guys signing autographs.  It looks like the Rijo and Boone were taken on the same day.  Also, if you look closely at the Mike Williams card, someone appears to be handing him his own 2000 Topps card.  Pretty cool.

2003 Topps players signing

Another thing that’s always good to show off – guys who are in new uniforms.  These are obviously all series 2.  When I started this project, the base Topps set was only indicative of last year’s season.  Since then, it’s become a mix of last year and changes this year.  I put the two Giants players first because you can see they were clearly from the same photo shoot.

2003 Topps new uniforms

Now on to guys who are notable, even if there 2003 Topps card wasn’t as great of a photo as above.  There are 3 rookie cards worth any mention, Kevin Youkilis being the most notable.

2003 Topps RCs Youkilis Duncan Contreras

After them, 3 guys with solid careers in front of them

2003 Topps FTC Cliff Lee Santana Lackey

Here are 6 more in a similar boat.  These guys either had a card in an earlier year of Topps Traded or this is their first solo Topps card.

2003 Topps first single cards

Here are the “prospect” type subsets, though none of these have a rookie card in them.

2003 Topps Prospects DPs Future Stars

OK, moving on to some of the younger guys on regular cards.  In 2003, these players were starting to make some noise at the beginning of excellent careers.

2003 Topps younger stars

The next cards are the guys who were, in 2002 and 2003, the best of the best.  All of these guys got significant Cy Young and/or MVP votes in 2002.

2003 Topps best of the best

Here are some 2003 Topps from cards of other great hitters.

2003 Topps other great hitters

And some more great pitchers.

2003 Topps other great pitchers

OK, these scanning posts is always one of my longest, and this one seems to have gone even longer than usual.  Two more scans.  These are guys who, in 2003, were very close to their end of their career.

2003 Topps near the end

And to wrap it up – these guys really were basically at the end.  For Justice, Galarraga, Grace and Franco, these were their final base Topps cards.

2003 Topps end of career

That wraps it up!




2 responses

11 09 2015

That Guzman card is great. The Stanton in this year’s SC has just batter and dirt, it’s great.

I was actually sorting my cards last night and I have like 3 of these cards, you made me realize I need more.

12 09 2015

Yeah, the photos are really clean/crisp in this set. Not as many great pictures, but the overall quality is really good.

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