2003 Topps series 2 HTA Jumbo box break

9 09 2015

2003 Topps Series 2 HTA Jumbo box

After the series 1 hobby box didn’t go to well, I got a HTA Jumbo box for 2003 Topps series 2.  Actually, I can’t really give credit to the bad experience with the series 1 box; I bought them at the same time.  Going forward, I’m going to be purchasing the HTA boxes as much as possible for this quest.  I bought this box in December of last year.

On that note, this box went much better, and I decided to “redo” series 1.  I bought a HTA jumbo for series 1.  It was about 50 bucks, and I figured I’d be trying to buy cards off websites to make up for the bad s1 box, so maybe it’s worth it.  We’ll see.

My series 2 box did still have some damaged cards, but it wasn’t an epidemic like the series 1 hobby box.  Most of the cards were fine, and I wasn’t thinking “can I live with that” on any cards.  They were either stuck together or fine.  As I’ve said a few times, this is just the nature of buying boxes of glossy cards from 12 years ago.  There were 29 damaged cards that would have been singles in this box.  But, like I said, the cards I kept are fine.  I am only about 35 cards short of the full series.

Here’s a look at what I got in the box.  I got 6 Topps Gold parallels, numbered to 2,003.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Gold

I also got 1 Topps Black card.  2003 was the first year Topps did Topps black.  This is numbered out of 52, for 52 years of collecting.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Black Ichiro

I got one buyback card, which I guess is a hit – kind of – because it’s supposed to come every case or so.  This has a stamp, which is made via an embossed indentation as opposed to smacking some foil on it.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Vintage buyback Boggs 1996

It’s hard to see the stamp in that scan, so here is some zooming in and some photo shopping to make it stand out a bit more.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Vintage buyback Boggs 1996 - enhanced

Here are the retro-themed inserts from 2003.  Series 1 had blue backs from 1951, series 2 has red backs.  I got 3 of them.  Carlos Delgado sure looks a lot like Darius Rucker.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box 51 Red backs

There’s a few other insert sets – first up is Record Breakers, which is back from the first series.  The series 1 cards have a purple background, in series 2 it’s green.  Unfortunately, these cards are lettered instead of numbered.  This is always bad, and I didn’t realize it was something that extended back to 2003.

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Record Breakers

All-Stars is back as an insert set for the first time since 1997.  As is the case with most of these super-shiny hologram-like backgrounds, these cards actually look way better in the scan than they do in person.  In fact, I’m shocked how good they look – in the scan it’s a real 3-D look!

2003 Topps s2 HTA box All-Stars

The last insert set is Hit Parade.  It’s very different from previous years’ inserts by the same name, but I’ve got to say, I really like the design here.  Probably my favorite insert set of 2003.  Except for the fact I got 2 Sammy Sosa cards…

2003 Topps s2 HTA box Hit Parade

I didn’t get any hits in the box.

Stats for the box:

12 packs per box * 35 cards per pack = 420 cards

50 doubles

348 of the 354 card set. (98% set completion)

29 of my singles were “damaged” – so I really only got 319 towards the set

  • 6 Topps Gold
  • 1 Topps Black
  • 1 Vintage Buyback
  • 6 Record Breakers
  • 3 1951 Red Backs
  • 3 Hit Parade
  • 2 All-Stars

Including the first box:

687 / 720 of the base cards (95%)




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