2003 Topps series 1 HTA Jumbo box break – the curse of sticky cards!

8 09 2015

2003 Topps Series 1 HTA Jumbo box

This was my attempt at a re-do for my 2003 series 1 box.  I bought a hobby box and it didn’t go too well.  So after my HTA Jumbo box went well for series 2, I figured I’d try the jumbo route for series 1.

That was a mistake.

This box was even worse than hobby box.  Much worse, actually.  I’d say over half of the cards came out looking something like this:

2003 Topps damaged card

I guess I should have learned my lesson by now!  Some boxes just aren’t going to be in good shape.  It’s glossy UV coating, and I’m opening the box over a decade later.

I did get some good things out of the box.  First off, I got 34 cards toward the base set.  That’s way less than I hoped for.  I would have completed the base set if not for the damaged cards – in fact, the HTA box itself had a full set in there.  But I’m still 59 cards short of series 1 after this box.  Sad.  😦

For the cards I did get, I noticed one thing.  The subset cards, which fall toward the end of the series, the blue was a much different blue.  Not just different from the other cards in the series; they were different from the same subsets I got in the hobby box.  See the scan below:

2003 Topps lighter blue

The top card is from the HTA box.  It’s a light blue border, with something of a marbled look.  The bottom one is a lot closer to the same color as the regular player cards from the set. I looked on COMC, and noticed both types.  So it’s not just a one-off issue from my box; it must just be some weird color variation in 2003 Topps.

The best card I got from this box is from the flashback set.  This was an option only available in this type of box.  You are supposed to get 1 every 12 packs – which means 1 per box.  Which is what I got.  It’s Robin Roberts, who isn’t the best card you can get, but it honors a pretty cool stat.  50 years ago, Roberts threw 33 complete games.  In 2012, Johnny Cueto led the National League with 33.  Games started, that is.  And no, he didn’t finish them all!

Happy! 🙂

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Flashback Robin Roberts

After that, here are the 3 Topps Gold cards I got.  Nobody I can sell to offset the cost of the box…

Sad 😦

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Gold

Next up are the 1951 Blue Back inserts.  All 3 of these were cards I needed, which is definitely a good thing.  Makes me closer to being glad I got the box!  🙂

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Blue Backs

I got 6 of the Record Breakers insert set.  Three of these – Rickey, Yount, Mathews – were duplicates.  That sucks.  😦

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Record Breakers

I got 2 Hobby “Masters” – neither of which are duplicates.  One of which is Jeter, who would be expensive to buy if I hadn’t bought this box!  Happy!  🙂

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Hobby Masters

Last up were the “Own the Game” inserts, all 3 of which were “needs”.  Happy 🙂

2003 Topps s1 HTA box Own the Game

So I guess I can look at the box from a positive aspect.  I did get a bunch of insert cards I needed – 14 – and one of which was the Flashback card that you just don’t see very often.

Also, pretty cool, these HTA boxes come with “cards” on the bottom, just like back in the 1980’s.  I haven’t gotten any bravery to cut them up, so for now the empty box will sit in my basement.  These cards “parallel” the base set.  And unfortunately, 2 of these cards are needs that I didn’t get because of the damaged card issue.  So a little bit of “happy” and “sad” for the box bottom cards.  🙂 😦

2003 Topps s1 HTA box card bottom




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