2003 Topps Promos

4 09 2015

Topps was back with a 3-card preview set to promote their 2003 flagship baseball set design.  The cards are numbered with a “PP” prefix, and they don’t have the previous year’s (2002) statistics.  The bottom line of the statistics just has “Topps Pre-production” instead of the actual stats.  I bought these 3 cards on the “Check Out My Cards” site about a year ago.

2003 Topps Pre-Production

These cards feature the exact same photos that the 3 players have in the base set – sometimes Topps switches it up, but not for 2003.  They did pretty well in what I’d consider a surprise pick of Josh Beckett.  He only went on to win the World Series MVP in 2003!

  • PP1 – Albert Pujols
  • PP2 – Josh Beckett
  • PP3 – Nomar Garciaparra

There also was a set called Topps Futures which was given out at the Minor League All-Star Futures game held on All-Star Sunday in Chicago.  The set featured 6 current MLB players on the 2003 Topps design, with a photo from their day in the Minor League futures game.  This seems to be pretty rare.

2003 Topps Futures promo




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