Moving on to 2003…

1 09 2015

2003 Topps Series 1 HTA Jumbo box

A new month, and a new Topps set to start going through!  Tomorrow I’ll kick off the 2003 Topps set, which is the 24th year of my Lifetime Topps project.  Overall, I’m doing about 5 of these a year, so the chances of me getting through 2009 Topps by end of next year is pretty decent.  I started in 2010, and have been posting about the new sets as I go, so 2009 is something of a “finish line” for this project.

Of course, after I’m done posting about a set, I haven’t completed it, so I’d still have finishing off all the sets!  That will be much longer 🙂

As of today, I’ve got 18,774 cards out of the 26,106 base cards from 1980 to 2009.  That’s 71.9%.  I’m moving right along.  Sometime in my 3 boxes for 2003 Topps (s1, s2, Update), I’ll probably pass the three-quarter mark, which is pretty cool.

2003 Topps Series 2 HTA Jumbo box



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