1983 Topps Leader Sheet

24 08 2015

I’ve got an update from a post from a Topps set I covered a really long time ago!  I kind of missed this collector sheet back when I was going through 1983 Topps because I didn’t realize what it actually was.  But a little while ago, I found this sheet on eBay and bought it.

1983 Topps League Leaders sheet

Each wax pack from 1983 contained a “Winning Lineup” scratch-off game card that could net collectors various prizes.

game card inserts

The grand prize, was a trip with tickets to the World Series for scratching off 4 Home runs.  For scratching off 4 singles, collectors could send in for a 7.5″ x 10.5″ League Leaders sheet of 9 cards depicting NL/AL Leaders from the previous (1982) season in homers, batting average, wins and saves.  The sheet is blank backed – each card has the same photo as the players’ regular card.  The Jackson/Thomas AL home run card is obviously a cropped version of their cards.

I’ve updated a few of my older 1983 posts to point this out.




3 responses

24 08 2015

I have had the Jackson/Thomas card since the mid-to-late 1980s. Whoever cut it from the sheet did a very good job. I never knew what it was. Thanks for the information.

24 08 2015

Glad to help! A part of me wants to cut these up. But I’d blow it for sure.

25 08 2015
Ryan Gluesing

Nice! I want one of these, too. I love uncut sheets like this.

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