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17 08 2015

I recently finished my second trade with Adam from Minnesota Addiction as Therapy. We traded back in February, and he reached out to me again this month.  Adam is a somewhat new collector, starting his blog up earlier this year.  This makes him a great trading partner; he has bought boxes for a number of sets that I did over the past 5 years of blogging.  So I have plenty of cards from his wantlist.  I sent him a bunch of Topps Lineage cards and a bunch of various Heritage cards.

He sent over a great, more-than-his-share package in return.  Here are the highlights!

The main part of the package was 2015 Topps inserts.  And the first ones were this year’s Spring Fever cards.  This was my first of the 2015 Spring Fever cards that I think you get from a hobby store promotion.  I didn’t do the legwork on that this year, but apparently Adam did!  These are always some of my favorite “insert” sets Topps does for its flagship brand and this year is no exception.

Trade Addiction as Therapy - 2015 Topps Spring Fever

He also sent me a bunch of 2015 Topps inserts that really are “inserts” – as in they put them into packs.  This is only a highlight of them.  Including the Spring Fever cards, Adam sent me about 40 inserts from Topps 2015!

Trade Addiction as Therapy - 2015 Topps inserts Trade Addiction as Therapy - 2015 Topps inserts 2

I love the Sultan of Swat insert cards.  Those are only in retail packs, and I hadn’t seen any yet.

Next up were a few Heritage and Archives cards from my own wantlist.  These are all SP’s, another type of card that is very much appreciated!

Trade Addiction as Therapy - Heritage and Archives SPs

We’re almost done but not quite!  Adam also sent my a few Reds cards.  I really like the Votto mini – I wish I had been collecting when the Topps 206 product came out.

Trade Addiction as Therapy - Reds cards

Last but not least, Adam did send me on 2014 Archives insert – this Deckle mini of David Eckstein.

Trade Addiction as Therapy - 2014 Archives Deckle Eckstein

Pretty innocuous, but it goes well with my favorite part of the card package.

Trade Addiction as Therapy - 1969 Deckle Tommy Helms

That’s a Deckle card from many years earlier – the original Topps Deckle cards from 1969!  That’s Tommy Helms, which is also interesting because I just got his autograph at the All-Star Fanfest a little over a month ago.  This is the first time I’ve seen one of these in person.  Pretty cool!  Thanks again for the trade Adam!




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16 09 2015

You are welcome! I’m glad you liked the cards and thank you for trading! Keep up the great blogging!

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