Completed insert set – 2013 Topps Heritage Memorable Moments

14 08 2015

I have a lot of completed insert sets to post about.  The rest of this month will be spent doing that, then I’ll start back up with the Lifetime Topps project, which is now at 2003.

This is the fourth of the “standard” insert sets in 2013 Topps Heritage that I’ve finished.  I’m basically done with anything “easy” from these sets.  The other stuff I’m still passively looking for are the Giants box toppers and the Bazooka cards.  I also am quite a few short prints away from the base set.

Info about the set:

Set description:  “Top moments from the 2012 season”.  This was a new insert set for Heritage.  It really has no connection to the 1964 set, other than the fact that it has a design that’s meant to be similar to some of the other sets.  The back is orange like the 1964 set, and it has a cartoon just like the cards from back then.

Set composition:  15 cards, 1:12 odds (2013 Topps Heritage)

Hall of Famers:  None since this set has current players only.

Card that completed my set: #MM-MM – Manny Machado

I got the last card from Sportlots in November of last year.  It honors Machado becoming, at 20, the youngest AL player to hit a postseason homer (Andruw Jones of the Braves was 19 when he hit his first World Series homer.

How I put the set together:

  • 4 cards from 2 hobby boxes
  • 2 cards from a blaster
  • 4 cards from trades
  • 1 card from Beckett Marketplace
  • 4 cards from Sportlots

Thoughts on the set:  As I mentioned, this was a new Heritage set.  It is a good set in that I like sets that cover big events from the year before.  And I like the overall look Topps did with the inserts made to be reminiscent of the 1964 Topps set.  However the one thing I don’t love – this set doesn’t really have provenance in that it’s only current players.

Also, I hate when they letter instead of numbering insert sets.  Topps has for the most part discontinued this in their most recent sets – which is a good trend.  But overall, this is a cool set just because the content is pretty good – there were a lot of cool moments in the 2012 MLB season.

Best card (my opinion): MM-TR – Teddy Roosevelt

Like I said, there were a lot of cool moments.  I have always been a fan of Matt Cain, so his perfect game was a cool moment.  And when Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history, that was an even bigger moment.

But it came down to two cards.  Miguel Cabrera winning the triple crown is one of the more underrated sports accomplishments of my lifetime.  It had been 45 years since the last time, and in today’s game it’s particularly difficult in today’s game with all the specialization.  But there was an even bigger moment, where Teddy Roosevelt came back to win his first mascot race on the last day of the season.  OK, it’s not really a big moment in baseball.  But it is a fun card and I love when Topps doesn’t take itself too seriously and includes things like this.

Best Reds card: None in the set.

2013 Topps Heritage Memorable Moments

2013 Topps Heritage Memorable Moments_0001




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