2015 Goodwin Champions box break #2 – historic hit!!!

5 08 2015

2015 Goodwin Box

Next up is my second box of Goodwin Champions.  This box was a big time winner from a hit perspective, and there’s one more box to go after this.

Aside from the normal autographs and memorabilia cards, Upper Deck has a number of “different” options in the 2015 Goodwin product.  This is obviously their attempt to do compete with Allen & Ginter by “keeping Goodwin weird”.

One of those options is the Masterpiece cards that are actual paintings on a standard size trading card.  In 2011, the Masterpieces were portraits of each U.S. President.  There were 10 of each card, and I pulled an Abe Lincoln back then.  It’s got me hooked on the product ever since.  It was hard to top that, but Upper Deck did in 2012 when the Masterpieces were painted renditions of the original Goodwin set (also #’d out of 10).  I got 7 of those cards – each of the 5 boxers, Buffalo Bill Cody and the first ever football card.  The last two years Upper Deck has done something called the Art of Ages.  These cards are numbered out of 1, and are renditions of famous paintings.  There are about 300 each year, and 2015 is the 3rd and final year Upper Deck is doing Art of Ages.

Another set that has continued over the years are manufactured patches.  For the first 3 years of non-MLB licensed Goodwin (2011-2013), Upper Deck did patches called Animal Kingdom that had species of animals.  Rarer species were produced in lower quantities, and there were 100 cards each year.  The set was continuously numbered, so in theory somebody could put together a full 300-card set over the 3 years.  Starting in 2014, they started a new set called Origin of Species that will also contain 300 cards, 100 each year.  This is the 2nd year of that set.

Museum Collection Relics is another set that is back.  Redemption cards are packed out so you can send in for larger cards that are really more like casings.  Those “casings” have interesting relics from throughout history.  In 2011, Museum Collection wasn’t era-specific, including items from a piece of Annie Oakley’s gun handle to a handkerchief from Edward VIII.  These were super-rare, and Upper Deck went with era specific themes and more attainable items after that.  2012 featured the Civil War, 2013 featured the Wild Wild West, and 2014 featured World War I.  This year, the focus is on “The Roaring 20’s”. There are items like a wire photo from Al Capone, pieces of Flappers and signed check from Elliot Ness.

The thing that’s new this year is a pretty cool idea from UD.  It’s called Historic Rhetoric, and it involves 6 cards.  This is definitely what I’d call innovative – I can’t wait to see if they work, but at least Upper Deck is thinking.  These cards have audio recordings of some of the most famous speeches in history.  These speeches include 4 U.S. Presidents (Lincoln, JFK, FDR, Reagan), Winston Churchill and Chief Joseph.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 Historical Rhetoric redemption

And I got one of them!  These cards were inserted every 660 packs, which is every 33 boxes or 1 every other case.  To get one when I bought 3 boxes was pretty awesome!  I redeemed it on UD’s website, but it doesn’t tell me which speech I’ll get.  I’m hoping for FDR.

OK, so that’s the big hit, so here’s the rest of the box.  First, here’s two more base cards I thought were interesting.  Shaq Diesel in his graduate attire, and a cool shot from a golf hole.  Here’s the Getty Images photo Upper Deck used for that one.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 base cards Shaq McIlroy_0002

After opening this box, I’m still 2 cards short of the non-SP set, which is the first 100 cards.  Hopefully I get those 2 in my 3rd box.

Here are the SPs that I pulled.  Eight of the cards numbered from 101- 125.  Unfortunately 6 of them are duplicates.  That just sucks – only 2 cards toward the set.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 SPs

I got 2 SSPs.  Even worse, both are dupes that I got in the last box.  Ugh.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 SSPs

Here are the minis.  I got 3 regular minis, and I had no clue who any of them were.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 minis Nelson Sudo Agholor

I got 2 rarer minis – a Canvas mini of the Admiral, David Robinson.  This has a “Lady Luck” back.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 canvas mini David Robinson

The other rarer mini was of Barry Sanders – in my mind, the best running back of all time.  This is a cloth mini, which is #’d out of 50.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 cloth mini Barry Sanders

Next up are the Goudey inserts.  I got 5 of these.  The first 40 cards are athletes, whereas the next 20 are historical figures.  I got one more historical figure than the odds say – those are supposed to be 1 per box.  Thankfully, none of these are doubles.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 Goudey inserts

Next up, here are the other hits.  I got one of the baseball prospect autographs.  These are actually numbered as if they’re part of the set, from cards number 151 to 165.  This is card #162.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 Jorge Mateo auto

I got 1 relic as well.  This was another baseball prospect.

2015 Goodwin Box 2 Jose Berrios relic

Below are the “stats” for the box.

I got 21 cards toward the set from this box – with 2 cards left.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 2 extra cards = 102 cards

78 of the 100 card base set (78% set completion)

  • 8 SP cards
  • 2 SSP cards
  • 1 Baseball prospect auto (J. Mateo)

89 of the 165 card full set (54% set completion)

  • 3 Minis
  • 1 Mini Canvas
  • 1 Minis Cloth “Lady Luck” back
  • 5 Goudey
  • 1 Memorabilia (J. Berrios)
  • 1 Historical Rhetoric

Including the first box:

  • 98 / 100 of the base cards (98%)
  • 111 / 165 of the full set (67%)



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