2015 Goodwin Champions box break #1

4 08 2015

I ended my 3 posts for going to the National with my purchase of an original 1888 Goodwin Champions card.  So now it’s a good time to show off the box I bought of Goodwin based 127 years later.

2015 Goodwin Box

Every July, while other card collectors are opening Allen & Ginter, I get my hands on 3 boxes of Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions.  I like Ginter and did collect it in 2011 and 2012.  But I just like Goodwin better for whatever reason.  I think part of it is that’s a little simpler – I am nowhere near completing most of the inserts from those 2 years of Ginter.  And while some complain about not being able to put the baseball players in their traditional uniforms, I kind of like the different feel Goodwin.  The design is always pretty cool (exception is 2012), and this year is no exception.

Last year, Upper Deck went back to including a sports-themed insert, using the Goudey name.  This is a good thing.  The Goudey insert set is kind of large, but since it’s really the only one I’ll collect, it’s not that bad.  In addition to Goudey, there’s one other very rare insert each year.  From there, there is a smattering of autographs and memorabilia.  Point is, it’s a set I like and everything is pretty collectible.  The bells and whistles are nice in that they’re interesting, and though I probably wouldn’t keep any really big hits, some years I’ve got my money back.  2012, it was the outer space relic, 2011 it was the Abe Lincoln Masterpiece painting.  Last year I got a World War I relic – but I’ve held on to that so far.  I’ll go over what’s available in the 2015 Goodwin boxes in my next post.

Here’s a look at the base card design.  It seems like they’ve been going with something of a stage effect the past few years – this almost looks like lights coming up from the bottom to highlight the athletes.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Jack Nicklaus Carl Lewis

These are two of the bigger names in the set.  Upper Deck doesn’t have quite as many cards this year, particularly of the baseball variety, and they’ve definitely signed fewer players.  But there still is some star power.  The Nicklaus card is my favorite in the set, or at least my favorite from the ones I pulled in this box.

Like just about every other set today, there are short printed cards.  At least these ones have a different look than the others.  Cards #101-125 are short prints.  They are “2nd cards” in the set – meaning if a player has a short print he also had a regular card.  This also means Upper Deck only signed 100 athletes for this product.  These are black and white photos, usually of guys in their athletic garb (however not always the case as you can see with the Emmitt Smith.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 SPs

And here are the 3 “SSP” cards I got.  These are also black and white – though these are always portraits.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 SSPs

Goodwin also has mini cards.  Unlike Allen & Ginter, they don’t come 1 per pack.  Different from some of the previous years, there are miniature parallels for every single card including SPs.  I got 3 regular minis.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 minis

I also got 2 of the canvas versions, including the GOAT himself.  These are printed on white stock.  There are a few other types of minis, but I didn’t get any of them.  They include thicker cloth minis (#/50 – also on white stock), canvas blank backs, leather minis (#/15), gold presidential minis (1/1) and printing plates.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 cloth minis Jordan Slaton

Here’s the Goudey insert set I mentioned – it’s a different look, but like last year is very colorful.  There are 40 cards of athletes, which fall 1 every 5 packs (though I only got 3).  And there are 20 cards of historical figures, which are supposed to fall 1 per box (though I got 2 so it ends up even).  Apparently Ken Griffey practices photography as a hobby.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Goudey inserts

There was a sportflics-like “Monsters” insert set last year that was a very difficult pull.  I didn’t pull any in my 3 boxes last year.  This year that set is being replaced by another 3-D lenticular set.  This year’s set is a 54-card set called “Game of Chance”.  If you got every card, you would have a full deck of cards.  I got one in this first box – a Jack of Diamonds.  There are also versions autographed by the artist who designed them.  They do look pretty cool, but honestly aren’t something that seems all that great for a 1 in 4 box pull.  Looks like they’re going for around 10 bucks on eBay.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Game of Chance Jack of Spades

I didn’t pull anything too crazy from this box.  I got 3 “hits”, which is what the odds say.  My autographed card was a Goudey version.  This is John Salley, who was a member of the Detroit’s Bad Boys back in the late 1980’s.  I actually remember him better for hosting the best damn sports show since I was a  little young when the Pistons won their 2 titles.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Goudey auto John Salley

I also got two relics.  The first one of them was also a Goudey version.  Joe Theisman, though the jersey doesn’t look like anything he would have worn in his heyday.  I guess I could assume it’s from some post-retirement event.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Goudey memorabilia Theisman

The other relic was of Jerry Rice.  This was of the “Sport Royalty” version, which I think is a better looking version than the Goudey ones.

2015 Goodwin Box 1 Sports Royalty memorabilia Jerry Rice

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 1 extra card = 101 cards

77 of the 100 card base set (77% set completion)

  • 7 SP cards
  • 3 Super SP cards

87 of the 165 card full set (53% set completion)

  • 3 Minis
  • 2 Minis Canvas
  • 5 Goudey
  • 1 Game of Chance
  • 1 Goudey Auto (J. Salley)
  • 1 Goudey Materials (Theisman)
  • 1 Sport Royalty Materials (J. Rice)



2 responses

5 08 2015

I think that shot of Griffey is from the Fiesta Bowl. He was taking pictures of his son (playing in the game for Arizona) with some high-end equipment on the sidelines.

5 08 2015

Good call. I remember watching a part of that game and rewinding when I saw Trey catch a ball

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