Attending the 2015 National Card Show – the oldest card I own!

3 08 2015

This is the last of my posts for my Friday trip to the the National Sports Collector’s Convention.  I’ve talked about the autographs I got and the dime card searching I did.  Today will be a quick post.  I bought one more card at the very end of the show.  I had seen it walking by a booth a few hours earlier.  Since I’d only bought autographs and dime cards, I thought it would be OK to make one more moderate purchase.

It’s not a baseball card, so I can’t say it’s my oldest baseball card.  It’s beat up as hell, so I can’t even say I own a nice non-baseball card.  But I now have a sports card from the 19th century.  I got this for 25 bucks.

1888 Goodwin  Mitchell - 2015 NSCC

It’s Charley Mitchell from Goodwin Champions, which was released in 1888.  You can read more about him and some other early bare knuckle boxers in this post I did a few years ago.  In short, Mitchell was an Englishmen who probably had the closest argument with John Sullivan as the greatest bare knuckle fighter.  He fought Sullivan in two famous fights, with both matches going undecided.

In 2012 Upper Deck came out with a set of painted versions (numbered to 10) of the original Goodwin Champions cards.  Over time, I purchased all of the 5 boxers.  This is one of the favorite parts of my collection.  Because of that, this card seemed particularly meaningful for me.  As you can see below, the top left is the Mitchell Upper Deck card.

2012 Goodwin Masterpieces Mitchell Smith Sullivan

2012 Goodwin Masterpieces Kilrain Dempsey

As I mentioned the card is very beat up.  Here’s the back, which has about half of the wording ripped off.

1888 Goodwin Mitchell back - 2015 NSCC

For 25 bucks for a card from 1888, that’s what you’d expect.  I assume this card wouldn’t even get a “poor” grade, but I don’t send cards in to be graded.  The front is actually in pretty good shape.  Aside from the large crease, there is no rippage, and the color seems to still be very good.

I didn’t go to the National after Friday.  I was hoping to go Sunday, but we still aren’t settled with our move to the suburbs, and it was a birthday weekend for my now 3 year-old.  I was actually thinking about bringing him Sunday.  I need to get Tony Perez to autograph my 1990 Reds pennant (he was the hitting coach), and he was there.  I also wanted to drop off some cards at COMC because I’ve never done that and I could use getting some cards up on their inventory.  Also, one of the auction houses was doing a thing where you could hold a Babe Ruth bat from 1931 and get a picture.  That would have been cool, but Brady would have probably ended up smashing it onto some other really expensive auction item and I’d need to take out a second mortgage.  The 25 dollars I spent on the Goodwin card seems safer!  Overall, I’m just glad they have the National in Chicago every few years so I can attend!

1888 Goodwin Mitchell - 2015 NSCC





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3 08 2015

Wow. That’s a great find. Well done!

3 08 2015


4 08 2015

Love getting super old cards! Awesome find.

4 08 2015


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