Attending the 2015 National Card Show – part deux

2 08 2015

As I mentioned, I got the chance to go to the National Sports Collector’s Convention on Friday.  Yesterday I talked about my experience and the autographs I got.  Today, I’ll cover the cards I bought.

In short, I went dime box diving!

Sifting through dime and quarter boxes took about 3 hours of my day.  It was fun, but by the end of it, my neck hurt and I had a headache.  The first table I went to was in the far corner from the entrance.  I mean literally the farthest corner away.  But that was actually where I started, thinking I’d work my way from there back to the front.  I never made it to the front, but I found a ton of cards that were on my wantlists.  There were 2 dealers in the same corner that had dime boxes.

First, they had Topps inserts from around 2001:

NSCC 2015 dime purchases early 2000s

And I found a lot of cards from between 2002 and 2009 that are for boxes I haven’t even busted yet!  This is 8 of about 30 cards like this.

NSCC 2015 dime purchases mid 2000s

I also got about 80% of this Own the Game set from 2006.  Just showing 3 because it’s not fun to scan 20 cards of the same design.  Hopefully when I open that box I get the few cards I need and this set can be finito!

NSCC 2015 dime purchases 2006 Own the Game

There were 2013 inserts…

NSCC 2015 dime purchases 2013 Topps inserts

2014 inserts…

NSCC 2015 dime purchases 2014 Topps inserts

And a few from this year, oh my!

NSCC 2015 dime purchases 2015 Topps inserts

I also bought a few minis from Goodwin Champions 2014.  They were 10 cents, so it was “just because”.

NSCC 2015 dime purchases 2014 Goodwin minis

After that, I went up to the quarter slots … err … quarter boxes.  Big spender!

NSCC 2015 quarter purchases

Finally, I did get a few cards for $1.

NSCC 2015 dollar purchases

And then I was done with the dime-diving.  And I spent a bunch of time walking around.  And I figured, man, I should really get something more interesting than just a bunch of old Topps inserts for about 20 bucks in total.  And that card is for tomorrow 🙂




2 responses

2 08 2015

Oooh, 2006 inserts! I’d go right for those. I never think to look for those because you rarely see stuff like that at my shows, and so there they stagnate on the want list.

2 08 2015

Yeah, I was all over those. Will probably have quite a few dupes when I finally get to busting 2006 boxes, but for 10 cents, I’m fine with that!

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