Downtown goes Frazier!!!!

14 07 2015

2015 AS Game logo

I was at the Home Run Derby last night, and it was awesome!

2015 Todd Frazier HR Derby 2

The new format was great.  I’m not sure if it was better on TV, but live it really seemed to add drama to the event.  Every single matchup was won or lost on the 2nd players final swing.  And to have the home park All-Star win the contest was something very unique.  The showcase side contests like this include the Dunk Contest, and most of the time the fans there are rooting for good dunks or long home runs.  Here the Reds fans had a clear favorite, and the crowd was electric.  It was an awesome event to attend!

2015 Todd Frazier HR Derby




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14 07 2015
John H

Probably the most thrilling HR contest I’ve seen. Usually half asleep by the time the finals were worked out.

14 07 2015

Got to agree. Good to hear it was that way on TV as well.

14 07 2015

Joc Pederson gave him a run! … That belt though, ugh.

14 07 2015

Haha. I don’t know how the WWE belt got into the picture. I’m sure I could google it to figure it out.

I’m about 10 years younger than you, so that might be the reason for differing. But WWF belts were cool to me when I was a kid and Hulk Hogan became a celebrity. They still kind of are. Also, a former fraternity brother of mine is in the WWE and has “won” the championship (he headlined Wrestlemania one year against Jon Cena). I haven’t spoken to him since a little bit after college, but I usually look up what he’s doing every few months.

The HR Derby is the perfect event to have a belt for, as well. I would almost support not doing the HR derby trophy and just doing that! Almost…

14 07 2015

Also – I was rooting for Pujols to beat Pederson. I knew Joc would be a tougher guy for Frazier to knock off. Pujols looked more tired, and Pederson was absolutely launching balls in the first round.

14 07 2015
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15 07 2015

I watched the first part of the Derby on TV, but had to leave before the finals. I tuned into the finals on the radio, and was able to listen to Frazier win with some friends in the church parking lot. It was a great night.

I got to go to the ASG Tuesday night. First time in my life, and man was it ever awesome. Seeing Trout and the other American League guys in person was pretty cool, even if I was way up in the “nose bleeds.” I had a blast, and hope it comes back to Cincy again in my lifetime, though I’m not sure I would be able to afford it. My wife forced me to go this year…I was very hesitant because of the price. But I’m glad she did.

15 07 2015

Glad you got to go. It’s such a rare occurrence – it was worth it I’m sure.

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