All-Star Game Fanfest #2a: day 2 autographs

13 07 2015

2015 AS Game logo

I didn’t go back to the All-Star Fanfest on Sunday.  I went to the futures game / celebrity softball game, and did a bit of hanging out with my son.  Tomorrow (well today – I wrote this last Sunday night) is a big day.  Unless my dad and I chicken out, we are going to Mike and Mike at 5 AM and plowing through until the end of the home run derby.

What I didn’t post about yet was the autographs I got on Saturday.  It was productive day.  In addition to walking around the Fanfest and reading what was there to be read – I got 4 autos.

I got there at 9:30, which is apparently not being on the ball if you are a Fanfest autograph hunter.  The gates opened at 9 AM, and the line for Eric Davis (who started signing at 10 AM) and Barry Larkin (who did so at 11 AM) were already hopelessly long.  The 3rd player was Tom Browning.  I sat at the end of the Davis line for about 30 seconds, then went to see about Browning.  It was a good idea.  I was told that I was about 15 people behind the “guaranteed” section, but it really didn’t seem that bad so I was willing to wait.  And by 10:45, I had an autograph of Mr. Perfect.

After that, I walked around, got something to eat and took in some of the Fanfest experience.  There was a “panel” discussion with some of the 1990 Reds players, including these 3 guys – the NASTY BOYS!

Nasty Boys at Fanfest

More on them in a later post.  But after that, I got some food and waited in line for one of the guys signing at 1:00.  Mario Soto and Bert Campaneris were the most popular options, but I got an autograph of Doug Flynn on his 1977 Topps card.  Flynn was a utility player on the 1975 and 1976 World Champion Reds team as a solid option at any infield position.  He was an all-glove-n0-hit kind of guy who is probably most famous for being in the trade for Tom Seaver.  He was also really nice and it was neat to get his signature.  His signature is still pretty close today to what it was nearly 40 years ago – pretty neat!

Fanfest auto 77 Topps Doug Flynn

After that, the next step was getting Spuds Mackenzie himself  – Chris Sabo.  He was signing for free, and I was again told I was just outside of the guaranteed spot.  I was a little more worried on this one – this was at 2:30 for a 4:00 schedule.  Sabo came at 3:30 instead, and all told I waited about 2 hours for his auto.  I read a little bit, listened to some podcasts, and talked with other people in line.  It was worth it in the end.  I have a 1990 World Series pennant, and his was an auto I have been missing.

Since I was done at about 4:30 for Sabo’s autograph, I went downstairs to see about Joe Oliver.  The Reds’ starting catcher was signing at the same time, and I was able to snag his autograph as well.  Both Browning and Oliver were already on my pennant, so I had them sign a 1990 Topps card like Ron Oester had done the day before.  This is another 1990 Reds quest of mine – but the pennant takes priority.

Fanfest auto 90 Topps Browning Oliver

Anyways, that’s the autos from 2 days ago.  Hopefully I’ll have time to post on my comings and goings on Monday!




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