Completed insert set – 2013 Gypsy Queen Collisions at the Plate (what, no Ray Fosse!?!)

9 07 2015

This is the 3rd 2013 Gypsy Queen insert set I’ve finished to date.  The All-Star game is coming to Cincinnati soon, some 45 years after it was held at the new Riverfront Stadium and Pete Rose delighted the home crowd by knocking over Ray Fosse.  I figured this would be a good set to showcase, though unfortunately Pete Rose wasn’t allowed to be in this card set.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Several of the most spectacular and memorable home-plate collisions!”  This set showcases some notable current and retired catchers who are known for their fearlessness blocking the plate.  This is an interesting set, since it basically couldn’t be made in 2014 after the rules for home plate collisions changed.  Topps picked 10 of those players.

The front has a tan/orange border with the Gypsy Queen script at the top and the words “Collisions at the Plate” above a mini home plate with a fancy flair as an inside border.  The cards are horizontally oriented, with a photo of that player and another player running into him at home plate.  The photo is surrounded by a clouding effect that looks like white/gray dust.

Set composition: 10 cards, 1:8 odds

Hall of Famers:  3.

Gary Carter, Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk

Card that completed my set: #CP-BP – Buster Posey

I actually got this card back in May of 2014 from COMC – I’m pretty far behind on these completed set posts!

How I put the set together: 

6 cards from 2 hobby boxes

1 card from a trade

2 cards from Beckett online marketplace

1 card from COMC

Thoughts on the set:  I always love themed insert sets, and I like the color on this one.  The clouding effect is really cool and appropriate for this set.  Like most Gypsy Queen inserts (and unlike the base set in 2013), this is a very cool set.

Highest book value: #CP-BP – Buster Posey

Best card (my opinion): #CP-SP – Salvador Perez

Perez has become a favorite player of mine since Kansas City’s 2014 playoff run, and this is a great photo.  Perez is tagging out Chicago’s Alejandro De Aza, who jumped into the air in a type of play that would be illegal in today’s game.

My Favorite Reds card: #CP-JB – Johnny Bench

The only Red in this set.


2013 Gypsy Queen Collisions at the Plate McCann

2013 Gypsy Queen Collisions at the Plate

Here are the “other players” – the runners – getting tagged out in the collision for each card.  And the date the picture was from.

  1. Brian McCann – Mark Teixeira, Yankees.  McCann tagged out his future teammate courtesy of an outfield assist from Jason Heyward on 6/19/12.  It preserved a 3-3 tie for the Braves in a game they eventually won, 4-3.
  2. Buster Posey – Hanley Ramirez, Dodgers.  Ramirez beat the throw in this case, to make the score 4-0 on 7/28/12.  This was a Los Angeles blowout, 10-0.
  3. Carlton Fisk – Willie Randolph, Yankees.  I couldn’t pin this game down, and I spent a lot of time looking.  The most likely culprit is July 24, 1976, when Randolph scored on a bunt single.  Out of the 5 games I pinned as possibilities, this was the only one that was a day game, and I’m pretty sure from the picture this was a day game.  The others were 5/22/76, 9/15/78, 6/29/79, and 7/2/79.
  4. Carlos Ruiz – Yadier Molina, Cardinals.  Molina makes this set twice.  On this card, he’s being thrown out on 5/25/12 on a relay throw from second baseman Freddy Galvis.  This 8th inning out preserved a 3-3 tie in a game the Phillies won in the 10th.
  5. Gary Carter – Ozzie Smith, Padres.  The next two older games were easier to track down than Fisk/Randolph.  Smith singled to load the bases on Bill Gullickson in the 5th inning of a game on 5/19/81.  Ruppert Jones followed that up with a single of his own, scoring Jeff Lefebvre and Tim Flannery.  Smith tried to score as well, but was gunned down on the relay throw, which went from Ellis Valentine to Gullickson to Carter.  The Padres held the lead they got with that play, winning 3-1.
  6. Johnny Bench – Al Oliver, Pirates.  The play in question was 7/22/77, and, like most of the others on this list, it made a difference in the final score.  The Pirates won the game, 8-7.  Oliver singled in the 4th inning off Tom Seaver, stole second, and came around on Rennie Stennett’s single to beat Cesar Geronimo’s throw.
  7. Miguel Montero – Casper Wells, Mariners.  This was on 6/18/12, on a direct throw from Jason Kubel.  The Diamondbacks won a blowout in interleague play, 7-1.
  8. Salvador Perez – Alejandro De Aza, White Sox.  This occurred in the second inning on an outfield assist from Alex Gordon on 9/9/12.  It was the difference in a game the Royals won, 2-1.
  9. Wilin Rosario – Michael Bourn, Braves.  Bourn scored here, on 9/3/12, on a sacrifice fly from Martin Prado.  The Braves won this game, 6-1.
  10. Yadier Molina – Ty Wigginton, Pirates.  This was the only new player where the picture wasn’t from 2012.  This was the 4th inning of a game on 9/12/05.  Wigginton tried to score from first on a double by Brad Eldred, but he was gunned down, Jim Edmonds to David Eckstein to Molina.  The Cardinals held on to win, 4-3.



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