2015 Topps series 2 HTA jumbo – parallels

5 07 2015

I had a large look at all the parallels Topps did for 2015 back when I opened my series 1 box.  For series 2, I’ll just show off the parallels I got in my box.

I got two variations.  No clue what the odds are on these, but I got one photo variation and a sparkle variation.  I think this is the first time I’ve pulled a sparkle variation from a pack.  Or, at least the first time I’ve done so and realized it.  I’m lucky I even noticed it for this card.  Somehow I realized the code on the back was different – because I couldn’t even tell what the variation from the front.  I filed it away, then looked it up later – which is when I realized the type of variation.

2015 Topps s2 photo sparkle variaton Ian Desmond

Needless to say, that’s not my favorite type of variation.  You should be able to tell pretty easily in my opinion.  The “chase” for baseball card inserts should be the rarity of finding one in the packs – not that combined with “do you even realize what you’re holding”.

The other variation I got was a Yan Gomes card with a picture variation.  Gomes is getting his catching gear on – which is the same type of photo I pulled in series 1 (of Salvador Perez).

2015 Topps s2 photo variation Yan Gomes

I also pulled 2 buyback cards.  The John Ellis is tagged for Night Owl after his recent post on the subject.  One more card toward his impossible dream…

2015 Topps s2 buybacks

Here’s the real parallels.

1) Rainbow Foil

2015 Topps s2 Rainbow Foil

You get 1 “red foil” parallel card every other pack out of the HTA jumbo box – just like series 1.  So I got 5 of these.  These are decent cards in person, but do feel a little like filler.  I liked the emerald/gold/ruby/diamond cards from the past few years better.

2) Topps Gold (#/2015)

2015 Topps s2 Gold

Topps Gold (here in different forms since 1992) was a little more plentiful in series 2.  The odds say 1 every other pack, but I pulled a Gold card in all but 1 pack, for a total of 9.  That means Topps probably produced less of series 2 – which is a safe assumption.  That guy in the lower right corner is a pretty good player – he hit a grand slam yesterday!  I love how in baseball you can find the most random factoids.  Bryant was the first Cub to hit a granny on Independence Day in over 100 years!  Now that’s completely arbitrary – but it’s one of the things I love about baseball.

I think this Gold border works better with this design than it did in past years.  This year, it’s got a different kind of shine to it and the Gold cards actually look like a step up from the base cards.

3) Black (#/64)

2015 Topps s2 black Jordan Schafer

Topps has had these for as long as I’ve been back in the collecting world (2010).  Topps messed up the numbering on these.  They are numbered out of 64.  In 2013 they were numbered to 63.  Last year to 64.  And this year… 64 again.  So you could subtract 1,950 from the year.  The only thing I’m wondering – they may have decided to go with 64 since this was the 64th year of a full Topps set if you start with the iconic 1952.

I didn’t get any of the rarer cards, so you’ll have to read my series 1 post to see internet scans of the retail parallels, pink, snow camo, silver frame, clear, or printing plates 🙂




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