2015 Topps Series 2 HTA jumbo box – base cards

4 07 2015

Happy Independence Day!  Here’s the rest of my base card scans from Topps series 2.  I love this set – it’s my favorite Topps set since I came back to collecting in 2010.  And I’m glad there’s still one more series to come out when Update hits the shelves in October.

I didn’t get the full series of 350 cards – usually you do with a jumbo box.  I was 15 cards short, with about 70 doubles – which is a bit frustrating!

The big card making noise here is card #616.  Kris Bryant is the hot new rookie who was called up early in the 2015 season (though there are other guys like Carlos Correa who fit that mold as well).

2015 Topps s2 base Kris Bryant

There were a few other rookies in series 2 – here’s the ones I noticed in my initial flip through the cards.  Brett Bochy was the first pitcher to play for his Dad in MLB history.

2015 Topps s2 base RCs

I posted the Future Stars & All-Star Rookie guys in the last post.  Another subset is the checklists.  I like that Topps is getting season highlights into the set, even if it’s via checklists.  I wish they did these with a write-up on the back, however.  The series 2 checklists honor 2 no-hitters (Jordan Zimmermann and Josh Beckett), a 3-HR game by Lonnie Chisenhall, Jimmy Rollins breaking Mike Schmidt’s career Phillies hit record, and a great play in game 7 of the World Series by Joe Panik.

2015 Topps s2 base Checklists

One of the other subsets was continuation of the team cards.  The Yankees – showing Derek Jeter’s walk-off hit in his last home game – and the Giants – Sandoval’s catch to end the 2014 World Series – were the ones that stick out in series 2.

2015 Topps s2 base team Yankees Giants

Award Winners is included in series 2.  I didn’t get the Kluber card at the bottom – it was one of the 15 I was missing.

2015 Topps s2 base Award Winners

2015 Topps s2 base Award Kluber

Of course, series 2 always contains some guys in their new digs.  Here’s a few of them.  As you can see, Rollins has a card with both the Phillies and Dodgers in this series.  I guess Sandoval fits the bill there two – the card above where he caught the last out of the season for the Giants, and his newest Red Sox card.

2015 Topps s2 base traded players

The bottom 3 guys in that scan have been abject disasters for their new teams.  Here’s some other notable names who haven’t done so well in 2015.  I worry the bottom 3 guys may be at the end of their careers – or at least well beyond their peak.

2015 Topps s2 base stars doing poorly

2015 Topps s2 base Verlander CC Ortiz

Of course there are some stars featured in series 2 who are having solid 2015 seasons.

2015 Topps s2 base stars doing well

And these 2 guys are shockingly turning back the clock.

2015 Topps s2 base Pujols A-Rod

Here’s the best photos, in my opinion, in the series.  The Schafer card is one I’m going to go after collecting the parallel cards.  Though I really like the Simmons and Bruce cards.  Heck, I like all of the cards below!

2015 Topps s2 base great photos fielding

Here’s a few more interesting cards.  Love the intense base-running on the top 2 cards, and I’m immaturely amused that there’s a guy for the Astros named “LJ Hoes”.

2015 Topps s2 base more good photos

Next post I’ll show those parallel cards I got from this box.




4 responses

4 07 2015
jeff Jones

The Schafer is great, do you have a list of the cards your missing?

11 07 2015

Hi Jeff – I just posted it and updated it after buying a few packs at ASG Fanfest

5 07 2015

Let me know when you have a wantlist up. I have two hobby boxes I broke.

6 07 2015

I had a similar problem with my jumbo. I was 7 cards short of a set with 60+ doubles. I suppose with the larger set size this year that’s going to become more likely.

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