2015 Topps series 2 – All Star Rookies and Future Stars

1 07 2015

I got a HTA Jumbo box of Topps series 2 and opened it at a rate of about 2 packs per day since I’m in the process of settling in after a move.  In other words, the 10-pack jumbo box took me about 5-6 days to open, sift through and digest.  For anyone living in or familiar with Chicago – we moved to the ‘burbs.  That’s what happens when you have kid #2.

The move also impacts how long I can make today’s post.  At the moment, I have time only to throw together a post about the All-Star Rookie and Future Star cards.

Six of the eleven All-Star Rookie players were in this series.  None of these guys were their respective league’s Rookie of the Year, as Topps put Jose Abreu in series one and Jacob DeGrom (who was also in series one) was not on the ASR team.  Nonetheless, this is a pretty good group of young players.

2015 Topps s2 base AS Rookie Team

In my hey-day at the age of 7, you just didn’t mix and match Future Stars with the All-Star Rookie team!  So to recap.  It’s great that Topps brought back Future Stars last year, but I don’t like that Topps has put the Future Stars designation on the All-Star Rookie cards!

I didn’t get Danny Santana, who was the 2nd baseman.  Aside from those guys, there are 13 other Future Stars in series 2.  I think I have all of them here, though it’s possible I am missing one as I didn’t quite complete the set with this box.  The top 3 pitchers aren’t exactly what I would call future stars – they have each had a full season – and a good full season at that.  Shoemaker was 16-4 last year and very easily could have knocked DeGrom or Tanaka out of that ASR spot for right-handed starter.  Meanwhile, Fernandez and Harvey finished 3rd and 4th in the NL Cy Young voting 2 years ago.

2015 Topps s2 base Future Stars_0001

2015 Topps s2 base Future Stars_0002

All told, that makes 19 Future Stars in series 2.  There were 16 in Topps series 1, so that makes 35 total in the set.




3 responses

1 07 2015
Jason Culley

I don’t like the mixing of Topps All-Star Rookie Team and Future Stars!

1 07 2015

Agreed here

2 07 2015

I have lots of doubles and inserts! Let me know when you have a wantlist prepared!

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