Just Commons

18 06 2015

Just finished up the card portion of my 2002 posts – so this seemed like a good time to cover a new baseball card purchasing option I’d tried (the seasonal posts for 2002 will begin tomorrow).  I bought cards from JustCommons.com about 3 months ago.  I’d read a little bit about this, and figured I’d give it a try.  Since my boxes of 2002 cards did not go too well as far as damaged cards – I decided this was a good opportunity.  I bought about 70 cards that were cards I’d considered acceptable to include in my set, but I really felt like could use a slight upgrade.  Here are 8 of those cards that are minor “upgrades”.

JustCommons 2002 Topps upgrades

I also got 55 cards that were new for my set.  The point of this was to get some cards that I had pulled in the box, but unlike the cards above – they were too badly damaged.  So these aren’t upgrades – they are actual cards off my wantlist!

JustCommons 2002 Topps JustCommons 2002 Topps_0001 JustCommons 2002 Topps_0002

I also got 9 cards from the Noteworthy insert – which weren’t too expensive to pick up.

JustCommons 2001 Topps Noteworthy

Just Commons is exactly like it sounds – cheaper cards.  If you order over $10 worth of cards – you get shipping for free.  The cheapest cards are 12¢ – which doesn’t make it better than trading.  But it’s cheaper than Sportlots or COMC for these types of cards.  Probably something I’ll use every now and then.




2 responses

22 06 2015

I’ve ordered from them about 3-4 times, and I’ve always been pleased. Because it’s coming from one source, sometimes the selection might not be as good as Sportlots or COMC, but the price (barring trading, as you said) is hard to beat.

22 06 2015

Yeh. I will definitely use them again

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