2002 Topps Traded Autographs & Memorabilia

16 06 2015

I wish I had some legitimate scans to show off in this post, but unfortunately my 2002 Topps Traded box was devoid of any relics or autographs!  So I’ll be swiping pictures off the internet.

Signature Moves – (26 cards, 1:91)

2002 Topps Traded Signature Moves Johnny Damon

Signature Moves were autographed cards that were unique to the Traded set.  Most of the guys in this set were rookies or prospects, however there were a few traded players like Johnny Damon.

Team Topps Legends Autographs – (various cards, 1:1,097)

There were also “Team Topps Legends” autographs, which was a promotion across all of Topps products in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

There were 5 different memorabilia sets, though some of them are pretty similar.

Tools of the Trade Relics – 35 cards (1:33 bat / 1:426 jersey)

Tools of the Trade Dual Relics – 3 cards (1:539)

The main memorabilia set was called Tools of the Trade.  The jersey cards aren’t actually more rare on a per-card basis – it’s just that only 3 of the 35 players had jerseys inserted.

2002 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade Ruben Sierra

There was also a dual version for 3 players that supposedly had jerseys from the guys previous and current team – but this looks like a bit of a fail on Topps part to me.

2002 Topps Traded Tools of the Trade Dual Moises Alou

Hall of Fame Bat Relic – 1 card (1:1,533)

Farewell Bat Relic – 1 card (1:590)

There was a relic honoring the Hall of Fame inductee for the 2nd straight year – this was for Ozzie Smith, who was the only inductee in 2002.  The previous year had Puckett & Winfield on a dual relic.

2002 Topps Traded Hall Relic Ozzie Smith

The second tribute relic was a farewell card.  The previous year, it was Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn.  In 2002, it was the “equally revered” Jose Canseco.

2002 Topps Traded Farewell Relic Jose Canseco




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