2002 Topps Traded wax box break

11 06 2015

2002 Topps Traded hobby box

I bought my 2002 Topps Traded box in December from Dave & Adam’s Card World.  So this is actually a box I bought fairly recently, and opened fairly soon after purchasing (I actually opened it in late March) – unlike some of the last few boxes I’ve posted about.

This box cost just under 50 bucks.  That seemed a little high to me, considering the best rookies are Dontrelle Willis and Jose Bautista.  I think some of the expense has to do with the short printed cards.  Each pack typically contained 1 card numbered #1-110, which are the “traded” players and managers.  Then there would be 2 chrome cards, and 7 cards numbered #111-275, which are “prospects” and the “Who would have thought” subset.  If you do the math, there are basically 4.5x as many of the prospect/WWHT cards produced.

The short printing of those cards wasn’t something I knew about.  When I was opening the box, I caught on quickly that the veterans were coming 1 per pack – but didn’t think about it as those cards being short printed until I looked it up.  It’s frustrating, though.  I got only 22% of those cards toward finishing the set, while I got 78% of the rest of the set.  And that could have been higher, except I got 26 doubles.  Those SP cards are hard to find for less than $3 a pop – so this will be a very difficult set to finish.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the last base set I complete.  It goes without saying – if anyone has extras of those cards for trade – let me know!

I got 7 gold cards in the box – which is about what the odds say you’ll get.  It says 1:3, but I think there’s a fraction not included and it’s really more like 1:3.2 or so.

2002 Topps Traded box - Gold cards

I got 48 Chrome cards, which is what the odds say.  I also got 3 Refractors, which is a little better than what the odds say (you should get 2 per box).  And I got 1 Black Refractor, which comes 1:56, or a little less frequently than every 2 boxes.  The Black Refractors are numbered out of 100.

2002 Topps Traded box - Chrome refractors_0001

2002 Topps Traded box - Black refractor Javier Colina

I got 2 “buyback” cards, which is more than you’re supposed to.  But these 1990 Topps Traded cards are nothing to write home about.

2002 Topps Traded box - 1990 Traded buybacks

You are supposed to get 1 relic or autograph per box – unfortunately I didn’t get one in this box.  I would probably have traded that for another SP card or 2 if possible, but I got 1 per pack of those.  I think the black refractor may have counted as my hit – there wasn’t an “eTopps” advertisement in that pack, but were in the 23 other packs.

Stats for the box:

24 packs per box * 10 cards per pack = 240 cards

26 doubles

153 of the 275 card set. (56% set completion)

7 Gold 50th Anniversary

2 Vintage Original

48 Chrome

3 Chrome Refractors

1 Chrome Black Refractors




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