Completed insert set – 2014 Topps Fifty Years of the Draft

8 06 2015

I finished up a 2014 Topps insert last month – and figured today would be an appropriate day to post the completion on this one.  The Arizona Diamondbacks are on the clock!

Info about the set:

Set description:  “Cards celebrating the 50th incarnation of the draft, with some of its most memorable past moments and selections.”  That’s the wording from the sell sheet.  I’m not sure why it says “moments” – it’s really just a set of 10 players who were drafted in the past year.  The cards have a white border with an inset gold border.  There are 4 home plates in each corner, which makes for an interesting effect.  The bottom has a “logo” for “50 Years of the Draft” above the player & team name. The back has an argyle background design with a write-up on the situation surrounding that player’s draft.

Set composition:  10 cards, 1:18 odds (2014 Topps Series 1)

Hall of Famers: 1.  Only Johnny Bench.  Though Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr. will join him soon.

How I put the set together:

  • 3 cards from my HTA jumbo box
  • 4 cards from trades
  • 3 cards from Check Out My Cards

Card that completed my set: #50YD-2 – Gerrit Cole

I got this via a COMC purchase last month.

Thoughts on the set:  This is a great idea, and I really can’t complain all that much – this is the type of set I think is great for an insert set.  It’s got a specific theme, and commemorates the draft in a year it’s coming up on its 50th anniversary.  Also, I like that they have the right team on the cards – it would seem out-of-place if Adrian Gonzalez was shown as a 30-year old in Dodgers attire for this set.  I tend to assume Topps won’t do something like this correctly, so kudos to them for that!

I actually wish the set had 10 more cards and was included in series 2.  I would have maybe split it and put 10 #1 overall picks in one series and then had 10 cards of guys drafted in the first draft.  Other than wanting more cards (which is the opposite of what I usually say in this section), I would have put the draft year and the draft pick number on the front of the card.

Highest book value: #50YD-7 – Derek Jeter

Best card (my opinion): #50YD-1 – Joe Mauer

This is the only card that was really from the draft.  This was taken at a press conference in Minneapolis the day after the Twins picked Mauer #1 overall in 2001.

Best card (my opinion): #50YD-10 – Johnny Bench

Obviously the only Reds player in the set, and this is a picture of Johnny Bench that has been shown many times before.  But this is also the only card

2014 Topps 50 Years Draft

2014 Topps 50 Years Draft 2




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