2002 Topps Autographs & Memorabilia

2 06 2015

Topps was in its 4th year of having autographs all over their product.  In fact, by now inserting autographs and memorabilia was so prevalent that I may decide to split up this post in 2 or 3 ways when I get to 2003.

Unfortunately for me – I didn’t pull any autographs or relics in my 2002 Topps boxes (unlike 2001 where I got 2 of them).  So these are all internet scans.  Odds below are for hobby packs unless otherwise noted.


Autographs (40 cards, 1:985-15,402 – series 1  /  1:940-10,071 – series 2)

2002 Topps Autograph Josh Hamilton

A set developed just for autographs was back for the 4th straight year.  I must say – I think these were very well done in each of Topps first 4 years.  I wish I would have pulled one!  The Hamilton above seems pretty affordable on eBay, so I may pick one up at some point. The autographs were inserted across both series.  There were only current players in this set – and only 40 different cards, down from 99 the year before.

1952 Reprint Autographs (11 cards, 1:10,268 – s1  /  1:7,524 – s2)

2002 Topps 52 reprint auto Joe Black

There were a number of autographs and relics related to the 1952 World Series – I wrote about them here.

Hall of Fame Buyback Autoproofs (330 cards, 1:2,341 – s1  /  1:2,431 – s2, #/100-300)

2002 Topps Autoproof buyback Rollie Fingers KMart

Topps started a very ambitious autograph buyback program in 2002.  A total of 330 different cards of Hall of Famers were purchased on the secondary market, autographed by the players and then inserted into series 1 and 2 packs.  Most of the cards were numbered to 100 (about 15 were numbered to 200 or 300).  A total of 27 different players made up the 330 different buyback cards – ranging from Stan Musial (1 card) to Fergie Jenkins (34 cards).

As you can see – Topps bought back a few oddball cards, including the K-Mart MVP cards from above.


East Meets West Relics (3 cards, 1:3,419-12,296 – s1)

2002 Topps East Meets West Relic Nomo

The first memorabilia set was a relic version of the East Meets West insert set.  Two of the current players from the set had cards with jersey pieces included – Nomo (above) and Kaz Sasaki; Tsuyoshi Shinjo had a card with a bat piece inserted.

Like Father Like Son Relics (5 cards, 1:1,304 – s1 retail)

2002 Topps Father Son Jose Cruz Sr Jr

Another series 1 only relic insert was Father Like Son.  This retail-only set that also has a retro feel to it.  Five father-son combo cards were in this set – Yogi & Dale Berra, Bobby & Barry Bonds, Jose Cruz Sr. & Jr., and the Alomar and Boone families.  The set is based on the first Topps card of the father – so the Cruz card above is from Senior’s 1972 Topps card.

Summer School Relics (15 cards, 1:3,373-4,401 – s1)

2002 Topps Summer School Heart of the Order O'Neill Williams Tino

The other series 1 only relic insert was called Summer School.  There are 5 different themes to this set – each based on a type of baseball term.

  • “Battery Mates” are multi-player relics highlighting 2 different pitcher/catcher combinations.
  • “Heart of the Order” is another multi-player relic card showing the 3-4-5 hitters from 4 different teams.
  • “Turn Two” has 2 all-time great double play combinations.
  • “Hit & Run” has 3 guys who get on base and can steal when they get there.
  • “Two-Baggers” are players who weren’t known for power but racked up quite a few doubles.

Prime Cuts Pine Tar Relics (20 cards, 1:4,420 – s1  /  1:1,043 – s2, #/200)

Prime Cuts Trademark Relics (20 cards, 1:8,868 – s1  /  1:2,087 – s2, #/100)

Prime Cuts Barrel Relics (8 cards, 1:7,824 – s2, #/60)

2002 Topps Prime Cuts Trademark Aaron Rowand

There were 3 levels of “Prime Cut” relics inserted – all with different sizes of the bat piece inset into the card (and, naturally, different levels of rarity).  Each of these cards was numbered.  The one above is the middle ground “trademark” version.

5-Card Stud Relics (15 cards, 1:1,180-1,449 – s2)

5-Card Stud Deuces are Wild Relics (5 cards, 1:1,962 – s2)

5-Card Stud Three of a Kind Relics (5 cards, 1:2,039 – s2)

2002 Topps 5-card Stud 3 kind Canseco Magglio Thomas

The 5-Card Stud relics had a playing card theme and were inserted in series 2.  Unlike the Prime Cuts, weren’t serial-numbered.  The difference with the three tiers for this set was how many players/swatches were included.  The single-player cards had different themes, like “Aces”, “Jack of All Trades” and “Kings of the Clubhouse”.

Coaches Collection Relics (26 cards, 1:9,116 – s2 retail)

2002 Topps Coaches Collection Griffey Sr

Coaches Collection was the retail only option in series 2.  This was a really interesting set.  It really did go by the name – some of the guys in the set were managers, but some were hitting or pitching coaches, like Ken Griffey Sr. above.  These cards have a picture of one of the players’ Topps card alongside the relic.

Ebbets Field Seat Relics (9 cards, 1:9,116 – s1)

Yankee Stadium Seat Relics (9 cards, 1:579 – s2)

2002 Topps Ebbets Field seat Duke Snider

Ebbets Field / Yankee Stadium Dual Seat Relics (2 cards, 1:86,070 – s1  /  1:59,511 – s2, #/52)

More 1952 Topps reprints of guys from the 1952 World Series.

Autographed Relics

Prime Cuts Autographed Relics (8 cards, 1:88,678 – s1  /  1:8,927 – s2, #/50-60)

2002 Topps Prime Cuts Auto Toby Hall

There’s an autographed version of the Prime Cut barrel relics – with the autograph right on the piece of the bat barrel.




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