2002 Topps scans

24 05 2015

In 2002, Topps went with an orange border – the fifth year in a row there wasn’t a white border.  The big card was again a rookie card in series 2 – Joe Mauer’s draft pick card.

2002 Topps Joe Mauer RC

However, a lot of this set was all about showing off two amazing seasons that had taken the league by storm.  First – Barry Bonds and his 73 homers and slugging percentage that had only been approached by Babe Ruth.  Bonds got one of those “SP variation” cards that most set collector’s despise – one version for each of his 73 homers.

2002 Topps Barry Bonds

2002 Topps s1 box Bonds 365

The other force was Ichiro Suzuki, who came over from the Nippon Professional League and won the AL MVP and Rookie of the Year award – a feat only Fred Lynn had accomplished in the past.  Albert Pujols joined Ichiro as the NL RoY.

2002 Topps Ichiro Pujols

Topps included a subset of those award winners – Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens rounded out the awards as the Cy Young winners.

2002 Topps Award Winners

The rest of the Award Winner subset included the 18 gold glove winners (so Ichiro actually had 3 cards in this subset alone).  Here’s the 3 guys who had racked up at least 10 awards at this point.  And I didn’t scan Omar Vizquel, who had 9 Gold Gloves at this point – that was one heck of a double play combo in Cleveland.

2002 Topps Gold Glove

Ichiro was interesting in the 2001 set – he got a card in series 2 with his Japan League stats on the back.  In 2002 Topps, So Taguchi and Kaz Ishii got similar treatment.

2002 Topps So Taguchi Kaz Ishii

All that said – Pedro Martinez got the #1 card in the set.  He replaced Cal Ripken from the year before.

2002 Topps Pedro

Two more cards I show every time are Griffey and Rickey – two of my favorite players.

2002 Topps Griffey Rickey

Rickey, like Bonds, was prominent in the set.  He got 2 cards in the season highlight subset for breaking the all-time walks record and getting his 3,000th hit.  Topps also did a subset describing the games across MLB that followed the 9/11 attacks.

2002 Topps Bonds Rickey September 11

Another set of scans I’ve been doing is the trifecta of great shortstops from this era.  I don’t have Jeter’s card, so I had to use an internet scan.  My scanner seems to want to cut off some of them on the left hand side…

2002 Topps Nomar A-Rod

2002 Topps Derek Jeter

Here’s some of the pictures I liked the best from this set.

2002 Topps best pics_0001

Another thing that’s always good to show off – guys who are in new uniforms.  These are three of the most notable.

2002 Topps new uniforms s2

And here are some guys who were in uniforms that I didn’t realize (or at least didn’t remember) they ever wore.

2002 Topps surprise teams

That was Canseco’s last Topps card.  He never actually played for the Expos; he didn’t make the team out of 2002 and 2001 was the last he ever played in the majors.  Of course he could have been found on the minor league diamond 12 years later.

Mark McGwire was Canseco’s fellow bash brother, fellow persona non-grata, and he also had his last card in 2001 Topps.  Along with McGwire, here are some other great players who were toward the end of their career.

2002 Topps older players

On the other side of their careers – here were some young pitchers and hitters who were at the start of their careers.

2002 Topps young pitchers

2002 Topps young hitters

The next cards are the guys who were already the best hitters at the time.

2002 Topps best hitters

2002 Topps best hitters_0001

And to wrap it up – here are the best pitchers of the day in 2002.

2002 Topps best relievers

2002 Topps best starters




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