2002 Topps series 1 hobby box break

19 05 2015

2002 Topps s1 box

I again went with hobby boxes to work on the 2002 part of my Lifetime Topps collection.  They seemed like the best bang for your buck.  This box cost me 22 bucks back in early 2013 from BB Card Exchange.  Like 2001 – there were some issues with damaged cards.  I think the colored borders don’t hold up as well over time and cause a lot of the cards to stick together.  The series 1 box wasn’t bad at all.  There were a few cards damaged, but not nearly as bad as 2001.  The series 2 box wasn’t so good – but that’s for my next post.

The box collation wasn’t anything to write home about.  I got 272 out of the 364 cards from the set.  There were 71 duplicates – which would make up a big chunk of that 92-card shortage.  13 cards were damaged, so I’m really 115 cards short of the set as of now.

I got two of the Barry Bonds variation short-print cards – home runs #5 and #25.  I guess that second one is his uniform number.  There are 73 versions of these – one for each home run.  These cards were a little better than the 1998 Sosa/McGwire home run cards, and they don’t feature just the same photo with different numbers behind them.  There’s a home photo and a road photo – so that’s better I guess!

2002 Topps s1 box Bonds 365

Again I’ll start with the parallel set.  There’s only 1 parallel set available in packs in 2002 – Topps Gold, numbered out of 2002.  I pulled 2 Topps Gold cards.  These have a foil border which looks much nicer than the gold cards from today’s sets.  Two pretty good pitchers – though the Mulder has some of the sticky problems that plagued some of the base cards.

2002 Topps s1 box Gold Mulder Smoltz

Next up are the 1952 inserts.  Topps did the 50th anniversary thing in 2001 – since 2001 is the 50th Topps set (not counting the 1951 cards, which were really more of a game set).  2002 Topps took the angle that it was 50 years since the 1952 set, so all the retro-themed inserts were 1952-style.  I got 1 of the 1952 reprints, which have a gold border.  Andy Pafko – card number 1 in the set!  I got 2 of the ’52 World Series cards as well.  Getting 3 in total is about right as far as the odds go both inserts are 1:25, so I’d expect to get 1 or 2 of each.

2002 Topps s1 box Hobby Masters Pudge Rodriguez

2002 Topps s1 box 52 World Series

An interesting set in series 1 was the East vs West insert set, which is based on Masanori Murakami’s dual player Topps rookie card from 1965.  Murakami stays put on the right side of the card while other Japanese-born ballplayers like Hideo Nomo are on to the left side.  I got 3 of these, which is much better than the odds, which list out at 1:24.

2002 Topps s1 box East Meets West

Where I didn’t do so well on the odds was with the “Masters” insert sets.  I only got 1 Hobby Masters card, which is about right at 1:25.  But there are also Ring Masters inserted into this series at the same rate – I got none of those!  2 sets at 1:25 each – odds say you’d hope to get 3 in total.  My Pudge card will have to do for the moment.

2002 Topps s1 box Hobby Masters Pudge

Last up were the filler inserts “Own the Game” (3 of those), and the 5 Team Logo inserts, which are part of a promotion Topps ran at the time to get a new baseball cap.

2002 Topps s1 box Own the Game

2002 Topps s1 box team stickers

I didn’t get any hits in this box – which is about right after getting quite a few in the 2001 boxes!

As always, the numbers below don’t factor in the damaged cards – I’m tracking this to know what it would have been if I had bought the cards in 2002, and I assume they wouldn’t have been stuck together back then.


Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 10 cards per pack = 360 cards

66 doubles

272 of the 364 card series. (75% set completion)

2 Topps Gold

1 1952 Topps Reprint

2 1952 World Series Highlights

3 Own the Game

3 East Meets West

1 Hobby Masters

5 Team Logo Stickers

5 Ticket to History Promotion




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